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More Hollywood Characters
Kitchen Sink - 1992

Note:  Originally distributed as a boxed factory set.

No.   Character              Artist

 1    Margaret Dumont        D. Friedman
 2    Charles Coburn         W. Griffith
 3    Edward Everett Horton  R. Geary
 4    Una Merkel             M. Schultz
 5    Vincent Price          C. Burns
 6    Leo G. Carroll         W. Hartwig
 7    Marjorie Main          D. Burr
 8    Percy Kilbride         D. Burr
 9    Broderick Crawford     D. Lazlo
10    Gale Sondergaard       R. Waller
11    George Sanders         M. Hill
12    Thomas Mitchell        D. Simpson
13    Jane Darwell           D. Lazlo
14    Basil Rathbone         R. Geary
15    Cedric Hardwicke       D. Friedman
16    Billie Burke           C. Lay
17    Edward G. Robinson     D. Burr
18    Walter Pidgeon         D. Simpson
19    Elisha Cook, Jr.       D. Lazlo
20    Thelma Ritter          D. Burr
21    Ed Begley              D. Simpson
22    Erich Von Stroheim     W. Hartwig
23    William Demarest       W. Griffith
24    Hattie McDaniel        C. Lay
25    Philip Ahn             W. Hartwig
26    Dan Duryea             W. Griffith
27    Laird Cregar           R. Waller
28    Hugh Herbert           W. Griffith
29    Margaret Rutherford    R. Geary
30    Alan Hale              M. Hill
31    Raymond Massey         W. Hartwig
32    Stepin Fetchit         D. Burr
33    Lionel Atwill          D. Lazlo
34    Joan Davis             W. Griffith
35    Lionel Stander         M. Hill
36    Paul Robeson           M. Schultz

---   (Uncut sheet)

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