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Hollywood Picture Star Gum
   Shelby Gum - 1933

Notes: The series is also known as "Hollywood Screen Stars" and has different numbering 
and card-back design from the Canadian release by Hamilton. The Shelby version has two 
layouts: "Album Offer backs" have red print on gray with credits on the front. The "Other 
backs" version does not have movie credits, and uses brown ink on tan stock. Some blank-
back variants have been found.

American Card Catalog reference is R68. Scans are posted at the Vintage Non-Sports Cards 

No.   Title               Subtitle

  1   Andy Devine         Universal pictures
  2   Ramon Novarro       Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer pictures
  3   George Brent        Lilly Turner
  4   Ben Blue            Hal Roach Comedy Star
  5   Dick Powell         Warner Bros pictures
  6   Ken Maynard         Universal pictures
  7   Tom Tyler           Universal pictures
  8   Andy Clyde          Educational pictures
  9   Tom Mix             Universal pictures
 10   William Desmond     Universal pictures
 11   Slim Summerville    Universal pictures
 12   Jackie Cooper       Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer pictures
 13   Stan Laurel         Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer pictures
 14   Charlie Chase       Hal Roach Comedy Star
 15   Clark Gable         Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer pictures
 16   Harry Langdon       Educational pictures
 17   Lew Ayres           Universal pictures
 18   Robert Montgomery   Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer pictures
 19   Oliver Hardy        Hal Roach Comedies
 20   Wallace Beery       Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer pictures
 21   Patricia Ellis      Warner Bros pictures
 22   Helen Vinson        First National pictures
 23   Marion Shockley     Educational pictures
 24   Helen Hayes         Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer pictures
 25   Joan Blondell       First National pictures
 26   Zasu Pitts          Hal Roach Comedies
 27   Marie Dressler      Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer pictures
 28   Betty Compson       Universal pictures
 29   Rosalie Roy         Universal pictures
 30   Sheila Terry        Warner Bros pictures
 31   Shirley Temple      Educational pictures
 32   Bebe Daniels        Warner Bros pictures
 33   Joan Crawford       Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer pictures
 34   Gloria Stuart       Universal pictures
 35   Polly Moran         Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer pictures
 36   Thelma Todd         Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer pictures
 37   Tala Birell         Universal pictures
 38   Loretta Young       First National pictures
 39   Jean Harlow         Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer pictures
 40   Ruby Keeler         Warner Bros pictures

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