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Hollywood Pinups
21st Century Archives - 1994

Notes:  Also available was a factory set with the 50 basic cards, one insert
card, and one advertising insert. Thanks much to Jan Burns Cederquist for
the checklist!

No.   Subject                      Artist

  1   Hedy Lamarr                  Alberto Vargas
  2   Rita Hayworth                George Petty
  3   Janis Paige                  Henry Clive
  4   Jane Frazee                  Zoe Mozert
  5   June Havoc                   Gil Elvgren
  6   Betty Grable                 Alberto Vargas
  7   Marie Wilson                 Earl Moran
  8   Mary Pickford                Rolf Armstrong
  9   Joan Fontaine                Ren Wicks
 10   Dolores Del Rio              Enoch Bolles
 11   Dorothy Lamour               Fritz Willis
 12   Vivian Blaine                Bradshaw Crandell
 13   Linda Darnell                Alberto Vargas
 14   Dolores Del Rio              Zoe Mozert
 15   Yvonne De Carlo              Jon Whitcomb
 16   Betty Grable                 Earl Moran
 17   Rita Hayworth                Bradshaw Crandell
 18   Marion Davies                Henry Clive
 19   Joan Caulfield               George Petty
 20   Paulette Goddard             Alberto Vargas
 21   Boots Mallory                Rolf Armstrong
 22   Myrna Loy                    Marland Stone
 23   Beryl Wallace                Henry Clive
 24   Mara Corday                  Earl Moran
 25   Jean Harlow                  Earl Christy
 26   Betty Grable                 George Petty
 27   Vivian Blaine                Alberto Vargas
 28   Katharine Hepburn            Zoe Mozert
 29   Marie Wilson                 Earl Moran
 30   Martha Hyer                  Fritz Willis
 31   Hedy Lamarr                  Alberto Vargas
 32   Veronica Lake                Henry Clive
 33   Rita Hayworth                Ray Prohaska
 34   Cyd Charisse                 Jon Whitcomb
 35   June Havoc                   Alberto Vargas
 36   Betty Grable                 Bradshaw Crandell
 37   Vivian Blaine                Earl Moran
 38   Esther Williams              Ren Wicks
 39   Madeline Carroll             Zoe Mozert
 40   Alice Faye                   George Petty
 41   Paulette Goddard             Fritz Willis
 42   Carol Landis                 Tom Hall
 43   Greta Garbo                  Alberto Vargas
 44   Yvonne De Carlo              Henry Clive
 45   Virginia Mayo                Ren Wicks
 46   Betty Grable                 McClelland Barclay
 47   Rita Hayworth                Howard Suka
 48   Chili Williams               Earl Moran
 49   Irish                        Donald Rust
 50   Ann Sheridan                 Alberto Vargas


Marilyn Monroe / Norma Jean Cards (1:18 packs)

M1    ["The Spanish Girl", 1946]   Earl Moran
M2    ["Waistin' Away", 1946]      Earl Moran
M3    [Barnyard Romp, 1950s]       Earl Moran
M4    [Wool Sweater]               Earl Moran
M5    [Lipstick]                   Earl Moran

Blonde Bombshell Set (mail-in offer, limited to 15,000)

BB1   Greta Garbo                  Rolf Armstrong
BB2   Norma Jean                   Earl Moran
BB3   Jayne Mansfield              Donald Rust
BB4   Marlene Dietrich             Alberto Vargas
BB5   Betty Grable                 Alberto Vargas

George Petty "Old Gold" Set
(mail-in offer, also available with Petty Girls I set)

LE1   In February 1935, Petty artwork for Old Gold ciga
LE2   Old Gold ads were seen regularly in Esquire and T
LE3   Old Gold's purpose in using Petty was to lure the
LE4   In April of 1938, the second series exploiting Pe
LE5   Old Gold also, inadvertently, started the whole E

Limited Edition Collector's Prints (mail-in offer, limited to 250)

--    (Each print was 28" x 40" on heavy 14-point paper.)


P1    (Non-Sport Update)

©2001, 2002 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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