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Home and Away - Official Collector Cards
Topps (Ireland) - 1987

Note:  Distributed as a boxed factory set, this series focuses on a popular
drama from the Australian Television Network. The box and packaging have
card checklists printed on them.

No.   Subject

 1    Roger Oakley
 2    Vanessa Downing
 3    Sandie Lillingston
 4    Tom and Pippa Fletcher
 5    Pippa Fletcher
 6    Adam Willits
 7    Frank Morgan, 'Roo' Stewart
 8    Ruth 'Roo' Stewart, Alf
 9    Martin Dibble, lance Smart
10    Helena Bozich
11    Gerry Sont
12    Kate Ritchie
13    John Morris
14    Sharyn Hodgson
15    Nicolle Dickson, Adam Willits and Sharyn Hodgson
16    Matt Wilson
17    Greg Benson
18    Bobby Simpson
19    Alex Papps
20    Carly Morris, Frank Morgan
21    Steven matheson
22    Peter Vroom
23    Craig Thompson
24    Fiona Spence
25    Alisa Stewart
26    Ray Meagher
27    Norman Coburn
28    Frank Morgan
29    Bobby Simpson
30    Lynn Davenport
31    Carly Morris
32    Bobby Simpson, Steven Matheson
33    Sheila Kennelly

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