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The Honeymooners
Comic Images - 1988

Note:  Thanks much to Philip Brazina for sending me the "holy grail"
checklist card for this very hard-to-complete set!  Cards numbered
21 through 30 were extremely "short-printed", and card 39 comes in
two varieties (checklist and regular card).

Box: 50 packs of 5 cards.
Common sets: approximately 1 per box, with many extras.

No.    Title                                    Type

---    The Honeymooners Trading Cards           Pack Insert Cover Card
  1    "T.V. or not T.V." Episode
  2    "Funny Money" Episode
  3    "The Golfer" Episode
  4    "A Woman's Work Is Never Done" Episode
  5    "A Matter of Life and Death" Episode
  6    "The Sleepwalker" Episode
  7    "Better Living Through T.V." Episode
  8    "Pal O' Mine" Episode
  9    "Brother Ralph" Episode
 10    "Hello Mom" Episode
 11    "The Deciding Vote" Episode
 12    "Something Fishy" Episode
 13    "Twas the Night before Christmas" Episode
 14    "The Man from Space" Episode
 15    "A Matter of Record" Episode
 16    "Oh my Aching Back" Episode
 17    "The Baby Sitter" Episode
 18    "The $99,000 Answer" Episode
 19    "Ralph Kramden Inc." Episode
 20    "Young at Heart" Episode
 21    "A Dogs Life" Episode
 22    "Here Comes The Bride" Episode
 23    "Mamma Loves Mambo" Episode
 24    "Please Leave..." Episode
 25    "Pardon My Glove" Episode
 26    "Young Man" Episode
 27    "Head of The House" Episode
 28    "The Worry Wart" Episode
 29    "Trapped" Episode
 30    "The Loudspeaker" Episode
 31    "On Stage" Episode
 32    "Opportunity Knocks But" Episode
 33    "Unconventional Behavior" Episode
 34    "The Safety Award" Episode
 35    "Mind your own Business" Episode
 36    "Alice and the Blonde" Episode
 37    "The Bensonhurst Bombers" Episode
 38    "Dial J for Janitor" Episode
(39)   "A Man's Pride" Episode (picture front)
(39)   "A Man's Pride" Episode (Checklist front)
 40    "Jelly Beans" Episode
 41    "Glow Worm Cleaning" Episode
 42    "The Hot Dog Stand" Episode
 43    "Halloween Party" Episode
 44    "Letter to The Boss" Episode
 45    "The Next Champ" Episode
 46    "The Man in the Blue Suit" Episode
 47    "The Box Top Kid" Episode
 48    "Ralph's Sweet Tooth" Episode
 49    "Kramden vs. Norton" Episode
 50    "The Adoption" Episode

---    Honeymooners Comic Book Special Offer


Uncut Sheet

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