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Hooters 1993 Calendar Girls
Star Int'l - 1993

Note: Thanks much to Steve Lillard for the updates!

No.   Girl                                     Location

  1   LeeAnn Tweeden                           Colorado Springs
  2   Shannon Perry                            Virginia Beach
  3   Juli Gordon                              Orlando
  4   Tanya Cerniglia                          Kirkman
  5   Shawnae Jebbie                           Jacksonville Beach
  6   Amanda Morgan                            Norfolk
  7   Morena Corwin                            Jacksonville
  8   Marni Owens                              Gwinnett
  9   Wyndi Yawn                               Roswell
 10   Stacy Hollis                             Lakeland
 11   Barbara Emert                            Charlotte
 12   Jennifer Gosnell                         Wilmington
 13   Jamie O'Neill                            Colorado Springs
 14   Faith Leffer                             Palm Harbor
 15   Cyndi Marie                              West Palm Beach
 16   Lisa Stofflet                            Chicago
 17   Sheri Jackson                            Atlanta
 18   Lola Corwin                              Jacksonville Beach
 19   Heidi Franz                              Arlington
 20   Lisa Martin                              Lakeland
 21   Jennifer Gosnell                         Wilmington
 22   LeeAnn Tweeden                           Colorado Springs
 23   Casey Gray                               Denver
 24   Billie Jo Velasco                        Norcross
 25   Stacie Smith                             Bayside
 26   Michelle Montgomery                      St. Louis
 27   Heidi Tenety                             West Palm Beach
 28   Lynne Austin                             Clearwater
 29   Christy Patrick                          Louisville
 30   Connie Pack                              Knoxville
 31   Cynthia Scherr                           Oklahoma City
 32   Nikki Zerbach                            Panama City Beach
 33   Diane Baugh                              Stone Mountain
 34   Laura Reed                               Fort Myers
 35   Where to Find Hooters                    Addison to Cumberland
 36   LeeAnn Tweeden                           Colorado Springs
 37   Morena Corwin                            Jacksonville
 38   Jessica Mayta                            Augusta
 39   Anna Szablewski                          Bell Canyon
 40   Julie Wagner                             Phoenix
 41   Caroline Starratt                        Jacksonville
 42   Tamara Koenke                            Fort Lauderdale
 43   Sherry Foxx                              Sunrise
 44   Stacie Smith                             Bayside
 45   Lauren Brehm                             Metaurie
 46   Kim Gruber                               Tampa
 47   Shannon Seegert                          Daytona Beach
 48   Debbie McGee                             Houston - Spring
 49   Heidi Tenety                             West Palm Beach
 50   Jennifer Gosnell                         Wilmington
 51   Kim Gruber                               Tampa
 52   Kelly Jo Dowd                            Tampa
 53   Rhonda Adams                             West Palm Beach
 54   Sheridan Sitler                          Addison
 55   Morena Corwin                            Jacksonville
 56   Elizabeth Holaday                        Kansas City
 57   Christy Patrick                          Louisville
 58   Rhonda Findlay                           Kendall
 59   Julie Williams                           Tampa
 60   Billie Jo Velasco                        Norcross
 61   Julie Wagner                             Phoenix
 62   Ginger Thomas                            Nashville
 63   Lauren Brehm                             Metaurie
 64   Kinna Clough                             West Palm Beach
 65   LeeAnn Tweeden                           Colorado Springs
 66   Tamara Koenke                            Fort Lauderdale
 67   Where to Find Hooters                    Dallas to Melbourne
 68   Elizabeth Holaday                        Kansas City
 69   Where to Find Hooters                    Metairie to Port Richey
 70   Jennifer Gosnell                         Wilmington
 71   Rhonda Adams                             West Palm Beach
 72   Caroline Starratt                        Jacksonville
 73   Where to Find Hooters #1                 Raleigh to Wilmington
 74   Theresa Long                             Melbourne
 75   Heidi Tenety                             West Palm Beach
 76   Cyndi Marie                              West Palm Beach
 77   Shanna Murry                             Jacksonville
 78   Kaye Anderson                            Colorado Springs
 79   Bobbie Gingery                           Altamonte Springs
 80   LeeAnn Tweeden                           Colorado Springs
 81   Wendi Black                              Clearwater
 82   Sharon Mullis                            Columbus
 83   Michelle Gaines                          Lawrenceville
 84   Lisa Thompson                            Roswell
 85   Wyndi Yawn                               Roswell
 86   Shannon Perry                            Virginia Beach
 87   Carol Godfrey                            St. Petersburg
 88   Marni Owens                              Gwinnett
 89   Kinna Clough                             West Palm Beach
 90   Julie Wagner                             Phoenix
 91   LeeAnn Tweeden                           Colorado Springs
 92   Stacie Smith                             Bayside
 93   Rhonda Adams                             West Palm Beach
 94   Kyle Johnson                             Atlanta
 95   Lynne Austin                             Clearwater
 96   Laura Coker                              Fort Myers
 97   Sabrina Baird                            Knoxville
 98   Laura Coker                              Fort Myers
 99   Rhonda Findlay                           Kendall
100   Lynne Austin                             Clearwater


 --   Heidi Tenety (arms across chest; unnumbered, blank back)
 --   Heidi Tenety (bathing suit; unnumbered, blank back)

Show Promos (Limited to 2,500)
  Issued as part of the "Star '93" series promoting this and other card sets,
  marked "Show Promo - 1 of 2500." A complete list of this series is shown here.

  1   Morena Corwin
  2   Morena Corwin
  3   Heidi Tenety
  4   Heidi Tenety
  5   Heidi Tenety
  9   Lynn Austin
 10   Lynn Austin
 11   Shawnae Jebbie
 12   Lola Corwin
 13   Shannon Seegert
 14   Mistie Graven
 15   Kinna Clough
 20   Lynn Austin
 22   Bles Fuata

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