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Hooters Playing Cards 2003 Series 2
Hooters - 2003

Notes:  Hooters has published two different playing card decks every year,
including an "orange" deck (Series 1) and a "brown" deck (Series 2). This 
series was also marked "8th Edition - 20th Anniversary" on the card backs. 
The box for 2003 incorrection identified the Orange deck as Series 2. The 
display box The box shows two women on the front and two women on the 
back. Thanks much to Raimundo for the checklist and descriptions!


 Ace   Lindsay
  2    Heidi
  3    Angela
  4    Aja
  5    Amanda
  6    Tiffanie
  7    Janet
  8    Jill
  9    Stephanie
 10    Candise
Jack   Beth
Queen  Shanda
King   Michelle


 Ace   Erica
  2    Lynn
  3    Aimee
  4    Sherri
  5    Breann
  6    Mindy
  7    Barbie
  8    Crystal
  9    Heather
 10    Amber
Jack   Clarissa
Queen  Janine
King   Daren


 Ace   Tasha
  2    Jennifer
  3    Annie
  4    Sarah
  5    Nichole
  6    Katie
  7    Melissa
  8    Lynn
  9    Joellen
 10    Marissa
Jack   Jen
Queen  Marsha
King   Heather


 Ace   Shannon
  2    Natasha
  3    Azanda
  4    Elinka
  5    Brandi
  6    Cynthia
  7    Tawney
  8    Jennifer
  9    Melody
 10    Sarah
Jack   Bethany
Queen  Lauren
King   Jacqueline


 ---   Jill
 ---   Caren

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©2006 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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