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Hopalong Cassidy - Bread Label Stories
   Bond Bread - 1950s

Notes: Each set of 16 labels, found at ends of bread loaf packages, presents a story. They 
are 2-3/4" square with color artwork in a die-cut circle; the collector's albums give story 
text. A different series of labels had black-and-white photos on a "starburst" background. 
Scans are posted at the Vintage Non-Sports Cards gallery.

   Bond Bread - 1950s

  No.   Scene

    1   riding Topper past fence
    2   riding Topper with fence down
    3   reading a trail
    4   mounting Topper
    5   riding hard down green path
    6   watching herd from brown rocks
    7   descending hill to field
    8   watching herd on white rocks, gun at L side
    9   firing 2 guns over herd
   10   standing on rock, seeing bandits, Topper beside
   11   chasing 2 bandits
   12   roped 1 bandit
   13   dragging bandit off brown horse
   14   puching bandit in red bandanna
   15   riding with 2 roped bandits in front
   16   delivering 2 roped bandits

   --   (red hang-up album; 15" x 17.5", folded)

   Bond Bread - 1950s

  No.   Scene

   17   sitting on Topper, cliff behind
   18   sitting on Topper, viewing stagecoach
   19   pointing pistol, riding Topper, brown rocks at his L
   20   holding Topper back, man down, gun approaching stage
   21   reviving fallen man
   22   holding canteen for fallen man
   23   mounting Topper on the run
   24   on Topper following two on trail
   25   riding with overview of bandits in field
   26   watching bandits open money chest
   27   looking over rocks at 2 bandits
   28   jumping down on 2 bandits
   29   punching bandit in red shirt
   30   punching bandit in orange shirt
   31   two bandits tied up
   32   riding and leading two bandits

   --   (blue hang-up album; 15" x 17.5", folded)

   Bond Bread - 1950s

  No.   Scene                                       Story Text (from album)

   33   riding Topper, waving to townsfolk          On a trip to town for supplies, Hoppy greeted many
   34   hitching Topper to rail                     He hitched Topper to the rail outside the general
   35   talking to shopkeeper                       Inside the store, Hoppy said, "Howdy, Mr. Brown. H
   36   storekeeper points across street            Suddenly the grocer pointed to the doorway and cri
   37   looking past post across street at bank     Hoppy quickly moved to the door as the robbers sta
   38   aiming gun across street at bank            Drawing his gun, he took the robbers by surprise
   39   pointing gun around barrel                  Moving up until he was behind a barrel, Hoppy chas
   40   crossing street with guns blazing           With his guns blazing, Hoppy raced across the stre
   41   hiding around corner of building            He fired several shots to keep them in the alley.
   42   twirling lariat at corner of building       Behind the corner where the bandits could not see
   43   climbing up to balcony                      Pulling the rope tight, he climbed up the side of
   44   watching from above                         Hoppy removed his spurs so they would not click to
   45   jumping on 2 robbers                        As the robbers talked over their next move, Hoppy
   46   covering 2 robbers with gun                 Hoppy jumped to his feet and covered the snarling
   47   confronting 2 robbers, hands up             As the townspeople rushed up, Hoppy said: "You two
   48   returning money bags                        Hoppy returned the money to the bank president, sa

   --   (orange hang-up album; 15" x 17.5", folded)

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