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Hopalong Cassidy - Ways of the West
   Bond Bread - 1950s

Notes: Cards do not have card numbers and were inserted in bread packages. 
Each card back illustrates a necessity of cowboy life. American Card Catalog 
references are D89-1 (Series A) or D89-B (Series B).

   Card Front Image                         Feature         Card Back Text

Series A

     Card fronts have a color image covering the top 2/3 of the card, with "Bond Bread -
     It's Hoppy's Favorite" at the bottom.

   (close-up aiming gun over black rock)    Branding Iron   A brand is a special mark the owner puts on his ca
   (at Topper's head)                       Holster         A cowboy's gun may save his life. That's why his h
   (walking with Topper between rocks)      Cowboy Hat      Besides protection from the sun and rain, the cowb
   (leading Topper at gate)                 Spurs           Cowboys are very proud of their spurs. But they're
   (2 guns aimed)                           Carbine         Every cowboy carries a long-range carbine repeater

Series B

     Card fronts have a color image filling the card, except for a white border.

   (mounting Topper)                        Chaps           Most cowboys wear chaps over their pants when they
   (2 guns out in street, Topper behind)    Lariat          No real cowhand would go out on the range without
   (1 gun up at fence end)                  Colt .45        The Colt .45 revolver - favorite shooting iron of
   (crouching at wagon wheel)               Boots           The high heels on boots help cowboys keep their fe
   (crouching behind rock, gun pointed)     Saddle          The real western saddle rises high in the back bec

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