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Hopalong Cassidy Wild West
   Post Cereal - 1951
   Fyna Foods (Australia) - 1951

Notes: Copyright is assigned to "1951 Wm. Boyd" on the cards; manufacturer 
name is not shown. These cards were distributed in food packages. American Card 
Catalog index is F278-12.

No.  Title

  1  Hoppy's Six-Shooter
  2  Riding a Brahma Bull
  3  Hopalong Cassidy
  4  The Stagecoach
  5  Bucking Bronco
  6  Hopalong Cassidy's Bar-20 Ranch
  7  Pack Train
  8  Bull Dogging a Steer
  9  Branding a Calf
 10  Vigilantes
 11  The Chuck Wagon
 12  Night on the Range
 13  Rodeo Stunt Riding
 14  The Corral
 15  Desert Plants
 16  Hoppy Shoots a Rattlesnake
 17  Hoppy Trains His Horse Topper
 18  Fancy Rope Spinning
 19  Roping a Steer
 20  Topper
 21  Hoppy and Topper
 22  Fording a Stream
 23  Shooting from the Saddle
 24  A Cowboy's Horse Gets New Shoes
 25  An Old Buckboard
 26  Hoppy Sleeps Under the Stars
 27  Hoppy's Western Saddle
 28  A Cowgirl
 29  A Cowboy Ropes a Pony
 30  A Prairie Schooner
 31  Cowboy Jumps a Fence
 32  Hoppy Finds Gold
 33  Hoppy's Boots and Spurs
 34  Topper Gets a Rubdown
 35  Shooting Buffalo
 36  Dogies

 --  Listen to America's Favorite Cowboy [facsimile signature ad card]

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