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Horror Meets Girl
   Braiinz! - 2016

Notes: Released as a boxed set. Further information and scans are posted at the 
Braiinz! website.

Box: Base set + 3 B-Side + 1 lenticular + 1 sketch. 500 boxes total.

 No.    Title                      Artist

Base Cards

  01    Swamp Behemoth             Alfret Le
  02    Goblin                     Stacey Kardash
  03    Reanimated monster         Ramón Padilla
  04    Zombie                     René Cordova
  05    Werewolf                   Helga Wojik
  06    Scarecrow                  Andrés F. Cruz
  07    Insect Man                 Leopoldo Castro
  08    Skeleton                   The Dark Raven
  09    Killer Android             Luis Manuel Alcaraz
  10    Carnivorous Plant          Jose Carlos Sanchez
  11    Ghoul                      Dan Burn Webster
  12    Mummy                      Ernesto Warting
  13    Succubus                   Maboya
  14    Witch                      Yuriko Shirou
  15    Killer Clown               Puis Calzada
  16    Possessed Hound            Barush Merling
  17    Mad Scientist              Huy Truong
  18    Warlock                    Hanie Mohd
  19    Deep Sea Creature          Mizumel
  20    Banshee                    Federico Blee
  21    Demon                      Antonio Hernández
  22    Bogeyman                   Danielle Gransaull
  23    Killer Doll                Jaime Castañon
  24    Vampire                    Lynne Anderson
  25    Blood Thirsty Alien        Osvaldo Pasillas
  26    Undying Serial Killer      León Braojos
  --    Checklist                  Ramón Padilla


Bloody Side Spot Foil Cards (3:box)

 B01    Werewolf                   Priscilla Petraites
 B02    Skeleton                   Bill Maus
 B03    Deep Sea Creature          Don Arturo
 B04    Swamp Behemoth             Walter D. Rice Jr.
 B05    Banshee                    Collette Turner
 B06    Mad Scientist              Rafa Flewrs
 B07    Scarecrow                  Ana Gil
 B08    Killer Android             George Vega
 B09    Killer Clown               Tino Tello

Lenticular Cards (1:box)

 L01    She-Wolf                   Glen Fernandez
 L02    Banshee                    Jorge Zapata
 L03    Vampiress                  Omar Zaldivar

Sketch Cards (1:box)

        Alfret Le
        Ana Gil
        Andres F. Cruz
        Arturo Edrehira
        Barush Merling
        Bill Maus
        Carolina "Maboya" Sanchez
        Daniel Campos
        Danielle Gransaull
        Don Arturo Edrehira
        Eder "Ed" Luna
        Ernesto Warting
        Federico Blee
        George Vega
        Gustavo Rubio
        Hanie Mohd
        Helga Wojik
        Huy Truong
        Israel Arteaga
        Jaime Castanon
        Jomar Bulda
        Jose Carlos Sanchez
        Leon Bragg
        Leon Braojos
        Luis Manuel Almaraz
        Lynne Anderson
        Mizu "Mizumel" Tzuki
        Omar "Oz" Zaldivar
        Priscilla Petraites
        Puis Calzada
        Ramon Padilla
        Rene Cordova
        Rustico Limosinero
        Sha-Nee Williams
        Stacey Kardash
        Tino Tello
        Walder D. Rice, Jr.
        Yuriko Shirou


P01     (Giant, wolf, bat+C33)     Ramon Padilla
P02     (Killer Android)           Luis Manuel Alcaraz
PL01    She-Wolf (lenticular)      Glen Fernandez
PL02    Banshee (lenticular)       Jorge Zapata
PL03    Vampiress (lenticular)     Omar Zaldivar

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©2017 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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