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Horror Monster Series, Series 1
NuCard - 1961

Notes: This first series was packaged in "Horror Monster" packs, and 
has green fronts and red-orange backs. Thanks much to Steve VandeVelde 
for the list!

No.   Title

  1   Beast With A Million Eyes
  2   Gigantis, The Fire Monster
  3   King Kong
  4   Gigantis, The Fire Monster
  5   The Mummy
  6   Teen Age Werewolf
  7   The Terror From Beyond Space
  8   King Kong
  9   Bowery Boy Meets The Monster
 10   Return Of The Fly
 11   Half Human
 12   Two-Headed Roc, 'Sinbad The Sailor'
 13   Horrors Of The Black Museum
 14   The Giant Behemoth
 15   Werewolf Of London
 16   The Headless Ghost
 17   The Mole People
 18   Colossus Of New York
 19   Return Of The Fly
 20   Werewolf Of London
 21   Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein
 22   Man From Planet X
 23   Curse Of the Faceless Man
 24   Dracula
 25   Half Human
 26   Creature From The Black Lagoon
 27   The She Creature
 28   Hideous Sun Demon
 29   Monster In 'Time Machine'
 30   How To Make A Monster
 31   The Alligator People
 32   The Mole People
 33   Gigantis, The Fire Monster
 34   The Dragon From 'Sinbad The Sailor'
 35   The Mole People
 36   Rodan
 37   Sinbad Battles The Giant Two-Headed Roc
 38   Horror Of Dracula
 39   The Alligator People
 40   Creature From The Black Lagoon
 41   The Vampire
 42   The Incredible Shrinking Man
 43   The Forbidden Planet
 44   Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde
 45   Frankenstein
 46   Creature From The Black Lagoon
 47   The Giant Behemoth
 48   Strange World
 49   Cyclops >From 'Sinbad The Sailor'
 50   The Wolfman
 51   Dracula and Frankenstein
 52   The Mummy's Curse
 53   Blood Of The Vampire
 54   Monster From Outer Space
 55   Monster from 'World Without End'
 56   Amazing Colossal Man
 57   The She Creature
 58   Animal Man in 'Island of Lost Souls'
 59   Vegetable Man, 'It Conquered The World'
 60   Hunchback of Notre Dame
 61   Skeleton Man
 62   Horror Of Dracula
 63   The Man Without A Head
 64   The Man Who Lost His Skin
 65   The Man That Couldn't Die
 66   The Unearthly

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