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Horror Monsters - Series 2
Nu-Cards - 1961

Notes: These cards were distributed in several ways. Series 1 of cards 1-66 were 
packaged in "Horror Monsters" wrappers, while Series 2 wrappers were marked 
"Movie Monsters" or "Shock Monsters" but still stated "Horror Monster Series" 
on the card-back banner. Apparently both series were preceded by a test set with 
blue fronts and red backs, in a slightly smaller card format, while the regular issue 
set features orange borders on card fronts and green printing on card backs. 
Thanks much to Dennis Skowronski for the checklist!

No.   Title

 67   Frankenstein
 68   Dragon in Sinbad the Sailor
 69   Beginning of the End
 70   Look Pa - No Cavities
 71   13 Ghosts
 72   Amazing Colossal Man
 73   Angry Red Planet
 74   The Mysterians
 75   The Giant Behemoth
 76   Mad Soul
 77   Invisible Invaders
 78   The Monster that Challenged the World
 79   Guaranteed to Taste Like 70 cents Spread
 80   Jack The Ripper
 81   The Four Skulls On Jonathan Drake
 82   Terror from the Year 5000
 83   The Alligator People
 84   House of Haunted Hill <sic>
 85   Monster from Green Hell
 86   How to Makes Friends and Influence People
 87   When You Care to Send the Very Best
 88   Find It Fast in the Yellow Pages
 89   The Unearthly
 90   Invasion of the Saucer Men
 91   The Monster of Piedras Blancas
 92   Robbie the Robot
 93   Aren't you Glad You Used Dile Soap
 94   Nothing Shaves Like a Blade
 95   I Ain't Talking While the Flavor LastS
 96   The Bowery Boys Meet the Monsters
 97   The Brain from Planet Arous
 98   Monster on the Campus
 99   The Four Skulls of Jonathan Drake
100   Strange World
101   The Blob
102   The Electronic Monster
103   Hideous Sun Demon
104   The Deadly Mantis
105   The Return of the Vampire
106   Fiend without a Face
107   The Bride and the Beast
108   Attack of the Giant Leeches
109   Look Ma - No Hands
110   The H-Man
111   The Bat Man
112   House of Wax
113   Phantom of the Opera
114   Blood of Dracula
115   You're Mmy Boy
116   This Is No Place for Second Best
117   Put Dancing into Your Life
118   That's One Way to Get Ahead
119   Not a Whisper of Bad Breath
120   From Tarantula
121   From Hell It Came
122   La Casa Del Terror (The House of Terror)
123   The Haunted Stranger
124   Fly Now - Pay Later
125   La Daldicion De La Monia (The Curse of the Mummy)
126   The Curse of the Faceless Man
127   If You Care How You Look While You Play
128   You Can Always Tell a Hay Low Girl
129   Like Sleeping on a Cloud
130   Let Hurts Put You in the Drivers Seat
131   Some Things Can't Be Hurried
132   Monster from Outer Space
133   The Creature Walks Among Us
134   The Undead
135   Rodan
136   The Tingler
137   Quick Henry the Flit
138   The Golem
139   The Mummy
140   Queen of Outer Space
141   Wake Up to Tangg
142   Invasion of the Saucer Men
143   Not a Whisper of Bad Breath
144   The Mutant
145   The Savage Eye
146   Satan Satellites

©2004 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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