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Horrors of War
   Gum Inc. - 1938

Notes: This set is commonly considered the most famous trading card set of all time. 
It began as a 240-card set about the Chinese-Japanese War, the Spanish Civil War, and 
the Ethiopian War; another 48 cards were added to discuss Germany and the buildup 
to World War II. Cards 25-192 are somewhat more common than other cards in the 
series. All of the first 240 cards refer to a series total of 240 cards, but the exact text 
varies for different print runs, and high-number cards promise "Additional Series 
Coming!". Ahead of its time, the company sold a full 240-card "factory set" for 
a whopping $1.00.

Cards 241-288 were sold later in packs marked "More Horrors of War", which (with 
the bubble gum), held one card from the new numbers and one card from the original 

Besides advertising text in different print runs, other card variants are important to 
completist collectors. Many of the cards had printed overprints, and were included 
promotionally in other Gum Inc. products or distributed to schools. The first 240 
cards were printed separately with gray card-backs for the Canadian market.

Some of the cards are particularly valuable, especially in prime condition, including 
#283, #286, #277, #240, #288, and #1. Thanks much to Brice Mabry for the list, 
and to Chris Benjamin for additional reference material from his books! It is a 
tribute to the longevity and interest for this series that "guide" prices for all 
cards in the series have increased ten-fold since the early 1990s.

No.   Title

  1   Marco Polo Bridge Is Scene of First Fighting
  2   Chinese "Big Sword" Corps Resists Jap Forces
  3   U. S. Marine Shot While Aiding Americans
  4   War Planes Over Tientsin
  5   Chinese Pursuers Shoot Down Jap Planes
  6   Suicide Squad of Japs Is Blasted at Woosung
  7   Blowing Down the Ancient Walls of Paoshan
  8   Tokyo Tank Fires on British Troops and Refugees
  9   U. S. S. Panay Is Attacked by the Japanese
 10   Twenty Naked Chinese Nationalists Charge Foe
 11   Japanese Flagship assailed in Whangpoo
 12   Chinese Bombs Rain Death in Shanghai
 13   Trapping the Japanese at Nankow Pass
 14   Bomb Kills Passengers on Shanghai Trolley
 15   U. S. S. Augusta Is Hit by Shell as Shanghai Burns
 16   Japanese Attack Train at Wusih
 17   Girl Scout Carries Flag to Doomed Men
 18   Japanese Bomb Orphanage at Kashing
 19   Murder at a Monarchist's Funeral
 20   Spanish Insurgents Bomb Government Territory
 21   The Siege of Toledo
 22   Big Shells Kill Madrid Children at Play
 23   Early Campaign Tactics of Italy in Ethiopia
 24   Italian Squadrons Flying Low Slaughter Ethiopians
 25   Chinese Fight Japs Inside Their Own Lines
 26   Shells Splinter Deck of Tender with U. S. Refugees
 27   Mobs Add Terror to Shanghai Shambles
 28   Shanghai Shoppers Blown Up by Bombs
 29   Tokyo Airman Attacks British Envoy
 30   Street Fighting Tactics in Shanghai
 31   Japanese Bombers Raid South Station
 32   Shelling the "Lost Battalion" at Close Range
 33   Japanese Slain in Ambush Near Peiping
 34   Tokyo Bombers Invade the Dead
 35   Anti-aircraft Guns Blaze as Japs Bomb Power Plant
 36   Sanitarium Evacuates Its Patients Under Fire
 37   Japanese Seize Vessel And Destroy U. S. Flag
 38   Scaling the Gates of Nanking
 39   Foe's Planes Trail the Chiangs
 40   Panay Machine Gunners Fight Back
 41   Chinese Victims of War
 42   Mob Burns a Madrid Cathedral
 43   A Loyalist Submarine Goes to a Watery Grave
 44   The Bombardment of Almeria
 45   Surrender of Rebels at Teruel
 46   Haile Selassie Mans a Machine Gun
 47   Fierce Wallega Tribesmen Attack Italian Aces
 48   Bombing an American School Building
 49   Fugitives from the War Zones
 50   Japanese Bomb Chinese Troops in Junks
 51   Tokyo Tanks in Action at Nanking
 52   Chinese Use Gas in Counteroffensive
 53   Bomb Wounds the Panay Commander
 54   U.S.S. Panay Sinks as Crew Abandons Ship
 55   Nanking's Week of Horror
 56   Nanking Retreat Turned Into a Rout
 57   Japanese Soldiers Burn Their Dead
 58   The Dynamiting of Tsingtao
 59   Chinese Granadiers Bomb Japanese Launch
 60   American Homes Looted at Hangchow
 61   Blowing Up the Wen River Railway Bridge
 62   Bombers Raid Jap Airdrome in New Defensive
 63   The Chiangs Decorate Their Crack Fliers
 64   Japanese Engineers Build a Pontoon Bridge
 65   Chinese Women's Battalion on the March
 66   "Hedge-Hoppers" Strafe Chinese Positions
 67   Women Fighters in Action in Spain
 68   Rebel Howitzers Attack in Snowstorm
 69   Gun Shells Daring War Reporters in Spain
 70   Subway Blast Kills Madrid Civilians
 71   The Emperor Leaves Ethiopia
 72   Attack on American Legation at Addis Ababa
 73   British Commander Breaks Up a Blockade
 74   The Starving Children of China
 75   Hsia Ching-Yuan Saves His Doomed Men
 76   Warning of An Air Raid in China
 77   The Attack on the Gallant Ladybird
 78   River Gate is Death Trap for Chinese in Rout
 79   Japan's Triumphal Entry into Nanking
 80   Chiang's Son Leads Red Army Against Japs
 81   Japanese Airmen Bombard Schools in Canton
 82   U. S. Airman Shot Down Flying for China
 83   Tokyo Flotilla Runs Machine Gun Gauntlet
 84   Tokyo Marines Take Tsingtao without a Fight
 85   Jap Planes Bomb Yellow River Bridge
 86   Chinese Schoolgirls Enlist for War Service
 87   Chinese Bombers Raid Japanese Territory
 88   "Human Hands" Warn Newspaper Publishers
 89   Woman Photographer Crushed by Loyalist Tank
 90   Depth Bomb Sinking Pirate Submarine
 91   Floods Wash Out Fighting in Spain
 92   Pirate Sub Torpedoes Dutch Freighter
 93   Crack Rebel Cavalry Attacks Loyalists
 94   Torpedoing the Rebel Cruiser Baleares
 95   Ras Seyum's Bodyguard Defends Palace
 96   Native Uprisings Harass Italian Rule
 97   Chinese Army Hides Beneath Umbrellas
 98   Dummy Chinese War Planes Are "Bait" for Japs
 99   Ghoulish Dogs Haunt the Ruins of China
100   Blizzard Halts Military Operations
101   Japanese General Killed in Ambush
102   Chinese Guerillas Wreck a Supply Train
103   Chinese Reds Flee Across Ice-filled River
104   The Music of Death
105   U. S. Marines Halt Japanese Troops
106   Man-Made Floods Drown Japanese Troops
107   Japanese Machine-gun Enemy Air Pilot
108   Gibraltar Gives Refuge to Spaniards
109   Loyalist Flame-thrower in Action
110   Rebel Bomb Floods Air Raid Shelter
111   Loyalist and Rebels Meet in Sea Battle
112   Hand-to-Hand Fighting in Aragon
113   Franco's Planes Strafe Barcelona by Night
114   Bomb Blows Penthouse from Roof of Building
115   Barcelona Intersection Turned into Shambles
116   "Surrender or Perish"
117   Loyalists Surrender Arms and War Machines
118   Dynamite-Ssingers Contest Rebels' Drive
119   Ethiopians Catch Italian Tank in Lion Trap
120   Italian Artillery Attacks Amba Aradam
121   Japanese Apply Torch to Dead Farmer
122   Hongkong Builds New Fortifications
123   Wine-sotted Soldier Kills Villagers
124   Japanese Bomb Railroad at Suchow
125   Seeking Life in the Face of Death
126   Chinese Cavalry Surrounds Garrison of Japs
127   Spear-armed Farmers Assault Japanese
128   Chinese Universities Flee from War
129   Swimming Jap Cavalry Repulsed by Chinese
130   Japanese Tunnel Under Wall to their Doom
131   Chiang Kai-shek Commanding His Troops
132   Chinese Motorized Unit with Amphibious Tanks
133   Loyalists Take Rebels Prisoners in Barcelona
134   Loyalist Air Raid at Majorca
135   A Battle from a Rooftop in Barcelona
136   Loyalists Bombard Algeciras with Big Guns
137   Movie-Crowds are Caught by Rebel Shells
138   Bombed Church Dome Crushes War Orphans
139   Franco Retakes Teruel in Bloody Night Battle
140   Rebels Clean Up Teruel After Recapture
141   Populace Streams Underground to Avoid Bombs
142   Fleeing Loyalists Freeze in Mountains
143   Italians Bomb Red Cross Unit at Kworam
144   Meat "on-the-Hoof," Dropped Ffom the Sky
145   Lake Dwellers "Sell Out" to Japs
146   Chinese Terrorists Meet Death in Nanking
147   Airmen Destroy Pontoon Bridge to Trap Japs
148   Clearing the Battlefield for Action in China
149   "Delousing Party" Behind the Japanese Lines
150   Chinese Airmen Score Spectacular Triumph
151   Swords and Bayonets Clash in Bloody Fight
152   Shanghai University Head Slain by Gunmen
153   Death Among the Water Lilies
154   Jap Planes Bomb Uniform Factory at Canton
155   Cantonese Parade Through Coffin-lined Streets
156   Japs Burn Villages to Smoke Out Guerillas
157   The Scourge of War in Spain
158   Planes Dump Explosives in Lerida School
159   Mistake in Identity Causes Loyalist Slaughter
160   Setting Off Propaganda Rockets in Spain
161   Franco Assumes Personal Command Near Lerida
162   Spanish Volunteers Swim Icy River
163   Loyalist President Leaves Barcelona
164   Catalan Women Build New Fortifications
165   Pontoon Bridges Aid Rebels to Cross Segre River
166   Liquid-Fire-Throwers Burn their Way thru Loyalists
167   Askari Cavalrymen Advance on Adowa
168   Ethiopian Defenses at Tembien
169   Peiping State Procession
170   Tokio Bombers Drone Over Sacred Mountain
171   "Little Devil" Learns Jap Military Secrets
172   Japs Drive Against Chinese "Pill Boxes"
173   Disguised Guerilla Troops Prey on Japs
174   Women Propagandists Urge Chinese Patriotism
175   Japanese Women Learn How to Shoot
176   Trapped Japs Fed By Plane
177   Mute Signs of a Resounding Battle
178   Jap Officers Commit Hara-Kiri
179   Wrecked Highway Brings Diaster to Foe
180   Jap Airplane Carriers Launch Mass Attacks
181   Men Against Machines
182   Franco Advances in Smoke Screen
183   Loyalists Open Flood Gates to Check Rebels
184   Rebels Trapped in Lerida by Ruse
185   Moors Attack City to Avenge Ancient Defeat
186   Rebels Brave Machine Guns at Lerida
187   Rebels Halted with Flares and Grenades
188   Rebels Cut Off Barcelona Power
189   Rebel Plane Bombs Loyalist Hospital Train
190   The Homeless Children of Spain
191   Italian Conquest Proclaimed
192   Machine Guns Protect Italians from Bandits
193   Chinese Prisoners Foiled in Camp Escape
194   A Battle Among the Graves
195   Capture of Soviet Pilot Causes Jap Protest
196   Chinese Guerillas Slaughter Jap Scouts
197   Ancestors Pay Price of Treason in China
198   Chinese Recapture Birth Place of Confucius
199   Japanese Are Blasted at Yihsien
200   Japs Recapture Lini in Revenge Drive
201   Farmers of Famine
202   Japs Retaliate by Bombing Passenger Ships
203   Jap Launches Halt British Ship in Whangpoo
204   Emperor Hirohito's Birthday Raid
205   The Changing Tides of Battle
206   The Deserted Village
207   Loyalists Cross Garonne to Safety
208   Insurgents Plant Their Banner at the Sea
209   Rebel Cavalry Commander Killed in Action
210   Rebels Dump Bombs on Pass into France
211   Rebels Capture Loyalist Gold
212   Franco Pushes On Through Violent Rains
213   "Living Wall" at Alcala
214   "Over the Top" with Hand Grenades
215   Loyalists Abandon Armored Train Under Fire
216   Wartime "Castle in Spain"
217   Chinese Rout the Japs at Matowchen
218   An Assault on an Ancient Military Citadel
219   Yintak ... the Most Bombed Spot on Earth
220   Japanese Attack Amoy Fortifications
221   British Scientist Bayoneted by Sentry
222   Chinese "Lifeline" Cut by Tokio Troops
223   Chinese Bombers Drop Leaflets on Japan
224   Suchow Falls to the Invaders
225   Infuriated Chiang Orders Dawn Attacks
226   Cholera Breaks Out in Pootung
227   Chinese Trap "Lawrence of Manchuria" in Vain
228   Japs Rain Death in Canton, Ignoring Protests
229   Japanese "Human Bridges" Aid Advance
230   "No Man's Land" on Aliaga Slope
231   Home-going Madrilenos Killed By Shells
232   Loyalists Attack Hillside Trenches in Rain
233   Clear Weather Leads to Loyalist Trap
234   Spanish Rebel Planes Bomb French Border
235   Fierce Fight Marks New Attack on Power Plants
236   Rebels And Allies "Celebrate"
237   Marketing Throngs Killed in Rebel Air Attack
238   "Miaja's Nephews" Fortify Heights
239   Rebels Bomb Alicante, Firing British Ship
240   The Frightful Cost of War

More Horrors of War (later supplement)

241   Russian Troops Invade Jap-Claimed Territory
242   New Soviet Planes Conceal Troops In Wings
243   Soviet Cutter Lands on Island in Jap Clash
244   Russians Burn Villages in Manchukuo
245   Japs Wrest Hilltop from Soviets in Fight
246   Soviet Planes Bomb Area Japs Claim
247   Soviets Repulsed in Dawn Attack
248   Jap Flares Disperse Fog and Expose Foe
249   Japs' German-type Guns Reply to Soviets
250   Russian Bombers Raid Korean Villages
251   Devil-Worshiping Koreans View "Dog Fights"
252   Russian Tank Commander is "Purged"
253   Jap Machine-Gunners Attack Reds in New Clash
254   Armistice Suspends Fighting on Border
255   The Last Bowl of Rice
256   Daring Jap Unit Takes Susung in Hankow Drive
257   Crowds Cheer Execution of Traitors
258   Chinese Unleash Yangtze Flood to Halt Japs
259   Chinese Pilot Makes Death Dive in Yangtze
260   Child of the Death Rain
261   Chinese Flee as Bombs Rake Hankow
262   Rebels Drop Curtain of Fire in Ebro
263   Lone Raider Bombs Neutral Ships
264   "Don't Shoot Your Brothers"
265   Japs Torture Reds after Armistice
266   Red Police and Chinese Fight Over Flag
267   Jap Bombers Ignite U. S. Oil Tanks
268   Gun Boat Oahu Sails in Defiance of Japs
269   Tokio Planes Wreck U. S. Pilot's Transport
270   Jap Machine-Gunners Pursue Swimming Airman
271   U. S. Monacacy Threatened by Mines
272   Chinese Protest Jap Use of Poison Gas
273   Nanking Under Japanese Rule
274   Rebels Bomb Barcelona's Flower Promenade
275   Loyalists Adopt Submarine Mail Service
276   Spanish Raid Refugees Bury Their Dead
277   Hitler's Border Tour Raises War Scare
278   Czechs Watch Border as Germany Marches
279   France Moves Troops to Frontier
280   Italians Evict French Farmers in War Move
281   Inside the Maginot Line
282   Horse Whipping of Deputy Inflames Sudetens
283   Hitler Threatens Force to Free Sudetens
284   Germany's Amazing Mobile Big Gun
285   Sudetens And Czechs Engage in Civil War
286   Chamberlain Meets Hitler in Peace Effort
287   Premier Hodza Confers with Army Heads over War
288   Czech President Surrenders as Mobs Cry "Fight"

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