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Hot Aire Balloons - 1992 Limited Edition
(Series 2)
   Hot Aire Trading Cards - 1992

Note: There are two cards marked #198 and none marked #196.

No.   Title                          Balloon Type                  Pilot(s)                          State

101   Mass Ascension
102   Aska's Ballon                  Aerostar S-49A                Tohru Takahashi                   Japan
103   KAT 2                          Aerostar                      Kitty Schwartz                    Texas
104   Montgolfier                    Cameron Prototype             Simeons Benoit                    Belgium
105   Melo Cakes From Milka          Cameron Special Shape         Marc Sevrin                       Belgium
106   Benihana                       Cameron                       Rocky H. Aoki, Jonathan M. Eld
107   7-UP Can                       Aerostar 78-C                 Roy Caton                         Missouri
108   G Patty                        Special Shape AX4             Jerry & Coy                       Texas
109   Free Lady                      Lefevre                       Gerard Lefevre                    Connecticut
110   United Van Lines Truck         Aerostar Cube 80              Mel Hanson                        Missouri
111   El Saguaro Grande              Aerostar                      Fred Gorrell                      Arizona
112   Buttons n' Bows                National 752                  Bob Stevenson                     New Mexico
113   Fred B. Rabbit                 Balloon Works 8-B             Rusty Elwell                      Texas
114   Air Bear                       Cameron                       Ted & Mike                        New Mexico
115   Big Apple                      Raven                         Steven Dale Booth                 Arizona
116   Double Eagle I                 Helium                        Ben Abruzzo, Maxie Anderson
117   Double Eagle II                Helium                        Ben Abruzzo, et al.
118   Miss Penny                     Cameron Special Shape         Wayne Bond                        New Mexico
119   Double Eagle V                 Helium                        Ben Abruzzo, et al.
120   Special Shape Rodeo            `
121   94 Air Corps                   Cameron O-84                  Chuck Griffin                     New Mexico
122   Brave                          Aerostar S-57                 Ralph B. Armstrong, Jr.           Louisiana
123   Cherries Jubilee               Barnes AX-6                   Jay Mason, Whit Landvater         New Mexico
124   Rio Grande Splash 'n Dash
125   AIBF Key Grab
126   Safeway Shopping Cart          Thunder & Colt Shopping Cart  Aero Dynamics                     Alberta
127   Rex                            Cameron Dinosaur 80           Aero Dynamics                     Alberta
128   "Jerome" The Elephant          Cameron Elephant-77           Aero Dynamics                     Alberta
129   Double Eagle II Promo                                        Ben Abruzzo
130   Double Eagle Five              S55A Ravel                    Ron B. Clark                      New Mexico
131   Aushra                         Cameron AX-7                  Robertas Komza                    Lithuania
132   Kisses Of Fire                 Balloon Works                 Eric C. Hodges                    Vermont
133   Peak Express (Ski)             Cameron                       Richard Abruzzo                   New Mexico
134   Duke City Drifter              AX8B Firefly                  Jim Mitchell                      New Mexico
135   "I'm Sold On St. Louis"        Aerostar S60A                 Don Connor                        Missouri
136   Conoco                         Cameron V-90                  Eric Bond                         New Mexico
137   Jolly Roger II                 Aerostar S57AS                Ron Domres                        New Mexico
138   Fox Trot                       Aerostar                      Carol Hahn                        New Mexico
139   Trustworthy                    Raven AX-7                    Dr. Ralph B. Armstrong            Louisiana
140   Glasnost                       Cameron                       Beth & Maury                      Ohio
141   Roadrunner                     Raven                         David, Don, Jim & Dorothy         New Mexico
142   Equanamity                     Cameron Viva 77               Rebecca Gauslow                   New Mexico
143   Happy Jack                     Adams                         Bill Murtorff                     Texas
144   Chantilly Lace                 Firefly                       Jim Main                          Texas
145   Indian Summer                  Balloon Works FF-105          Ed Rowley                         California
146   Doubloon                       Aerostar                      Johnny and Linda                  Colorado
147   Halle's Comet                  Aerostar Rally RX-7           Halle Ladd-Galvin                 Hawaii
148   Midknight Rob                  Aerostar S60A                 Bill and Greg                     New Mexico
149   Noid                           Aerostar                      Kurt McLaughlin                   Ohio
150   JJ's Oz                        Aerostar AX8                  Jan Clark                         Pennsylvania
151   Flying Lion N35919             Aerostar AX-7                 Peter J. Scherm                   Georgia
152   Free Spirit II                 Balloon Works Firefly 7       Dewey Reinhard                    Colorado
153   Rag-Time                       Cameron Viva 77               Tenneale Ferrigan                 Michigan
154   Full Count                     Balloon Works Firefly 715     Wayne E. Sickler                  New York
155   Desert Sun                     Galaxy AX7                    Hugh Ehrlich                      California
156   Basket Case                    Cameron                       David Melton                      New Mexico
157   Freedom Flight                 Aerostar S57A                 Jim, Gus & Carl                   Minnesota
158   Huevos Inflatos                Cameron O-84                  Craig Kennedy                     New Mexico
159   93 KOB FM                      Aerostar S57A                 Ron, Jana & Marty                 New Mexico
160   77 KKOB AM                     Aerostar S57A                 Ron, Jana & Marty                 New Mexico
161   Under The Rainbow              Raven/Aerostar                Joe A. Augsut                     Colorado
162   Over My Head II                AX-7                          Jim Smith                         Illinois
163   Southwest Airlines             Cameron                       W. W. Jones                       New Mexico
164   Golden Eagle                   Aerostar S-57A AX-8           Dan O'Brien                       Ohio
165   Small Change                   Cameron N-65                  Wayne Bondq                       New Mexico
166   Magic Moments                  AX8B                          Dexter "Scorch" Coffman           California
167   Morning Glory                  Kelly AX-7 (Experimental)     Mike Kelly                        Florida
168   Anticipation                   Cameron O-84                  Ed & Barb Drumheller              California
169   RE/MAX Oklahoma                AX-8 S-57A                    Lynn Harris                       Oklahoma
170   Institute II                   Raven RX7                     Rolla Hinkle II                   New Mexico
171   A Loan At Last II              Cameron N-105                 Karl Peterson                     New Mexico
172   Banana Split                   Balloon Works Firefly 7B      Debby Smith                       California
173   Mastis Magic                   Aerostar RX-7                 Linas V. Mastis                   Michigan
174   Le Touquet                     Cameron O-105                 Casemode Daniel                   France
175   1992 Check List
176   Kiss A Cloud                   Aerostar S60A                 Greg Szymanski                    California
177   Peppermint Dream Too           Aerostar RX-8                 Rod & Terri May                   New Mexico
178   Ultimate Adventure             Balloon Works                 Charles H. Sundquist              Idaho
179   Independence                   Raven S-55A                   Richard L. Schwenker              Ohio
180   Papa's Billboard               Thunder & Colt 77A            Marvin Kramer                     Colorado
181   Rainbow Voyager GP             Aerostar                      Kevin Lambe                       Arizona
182   Top Secret                     Cameron                       Mark Sullivan                     New Mexico
183   Rainbow Thru Heaven            Eagle C7                      Rick S. Wallace                   California
184   1990 Patch
185   "Butte"iful Balloon            Cameron N105                  Mark Irving                       Colorado
186   Flame's Desire                 Raven S55A                    Patricia Mezzancello              New Mexico
187   The Airship Tranquility        Balloonworks                  Dr. Timothy S. Brady              California
188   Top Priority                   Barnes/Balloon Works          Dwayne Jackson                    New Mexico
189   Space Shuttle                  Balloon Works                 Frank Campanale                   Michigan
190   Peak Express (Tram)            Cameron                       Richard Abruzzo                   New Mexico
191   Asendin                        Head AXB-8B                   Joseph Reynolds                   Texas
192   Raspberry Sunrise              Balloon Works AX-7            Richard Hager                     Kansas
193   Kaleidoscope                   Cameron Viva-77               Raymond E. Bair                   New Mexico
194   Camelot                        Aerostar S-57                 Rollie Elkins                     Colorado
195   Minolta                        Thunder-Colt AX-8             Bob Burch                         Canada
198   Timberline                     Balloon Works                 Gary Forney                       Missouri
197   Teddy Bears                    Cameron N-90                  Dennis Biro                       California
198   Bewitched                      Balloon Works                 Ted O'Hara                        New York
199   Nizhoni                        Colt 77A                      Sharon B. Wallace                 New Mexico
200   Merrill Lynch "Bulloon"        Raven 7                       Jetta Schantz                     Florida
201   Cowboy Hat                     Thunder & Colt Hat 105        Aero Dynamics                     Alberta
202   Klondike Ice Cream Bear        Cameron                       Drew Roznowski                    U.S.A.
203   Get-N-Air                      Balloon Works AX-7            Dan Dalen                         New Mexico
204   Flying Cow                     Cameron Cow 106               Aero Dynamics                     Alberta
205   High Yield                     Cameron N-105                 Gary Evans                        New Mexico
206   Morning Shadows                Aerostar 8B                   Calvin Campbell                   Colorado
207   Sunrise Magic                  Raven RX-7                    Tom Robinson                      Pennsylvania
208   Potion #9, Elixir II, Remedy   AX-9, AX-8B, AX-9             Professor Muldoon                 California
209   Broad Stripes & Bright Stars   Thunder/Colt AS 90 Airship    Rick S. Wallace                   California
210   Big Foot                       Cameron                       Drew Roznowski                    Wisconsin

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