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Hot Rods
   Topps / Milton Bradley - 1968

Notes: The main series of 66 cards had salmon (also called pink or orange) 
backs, but 22 of the cards (noted below) were issued separately with yellow 
backs. Yellow-back cards do not show the T.C.G. copyright. The set name 
is not shown on cards and is taken from the wrappers. The year of issue is 
according to Topps. American Card Catalog reference is R714-34. Scans are 
posted at the Vintage Non-Sports Cards gallery.

No.   Title                      Type          Variant

  1   Super Marauder             Custom Car    Yellow
  2   New Breed T.V. Car         Custom Car    Yellow
  3   Dragnet 29                 Hot Rod
  4   Li'l Deuce                 Hot Rod
  5   T Plus II                  Hot Rod       Yellow
  6   Cabriolet                  Hot Rod       Yellow
  7   Rodster                    Hot Rod       Yellow
  8   The Tangerine              Custom Car    Yellow
  9   Les Po Po                  Hot Rod
 10   Li'l Beauty                Hot Rod       Yellow
 11   Twister "T"                Hot Rod       Yellow
 12   X-Pak 400                  Racer         Yellow
 13   XMSC:210                   Racer         Yellow
 14   El Capitola                Custom Car
 15   Life of Riley T.V. Car     Hot Rod
 16   The Pumpkin                Dragster      Yellow
 17   Mustang Karavan            Custom Car    Yellow
 18   X-Tura                     Custom Cary   Yellow
 19   R & C Dream Truck          Custom Car
 20   57 Thunderbird             Custom Cary   Yellow
 21   Curled Flame               Hot Rod
 22   Surf Woody [no top]        Hot Rod       Yellow
 23   Surf Woody [top up]        Hot Rod
 24   Turbo-Sonic                Racer         Yellow
 25   Drag "T"                   Racer
 26   Flaky "T"                  Hot Rod       Yellow
 27   Black Beauty               Custom Car
 28   Ruby "T"                   Hot Rod       Yellow
 29   Bimini Wagon               Custom Car    Yellow
 30   Cyclops                    Hot Rod
 31   Emperor                    Hot Rod       Yellow
 32   Cosma Ray                  Dream Car     Yellow
 33   Le Mans Cadillac           Custom Car    Yellow
 34   Beatnik Bandit             Dream Car
 35   The Rotar                  Dream Car
 36   Silhouette                 Dream Car
 37   Roanoke Valley Special     Hot Rod
 38   Beach Baron                Hot Rod
 39   Show Boat                  Hot Rod
 40   The Mysterion              Dream Car
 41   The Fugitive               Dragster
 42   The Snapper                Hot Rod
 43   Flaming Special            Hot Rod
 44   The Lightning Rod          Dragster
 45   Kamakazi-"1"               Dragster
 46   Little Old Bucket          Hot Rod
 47   Golden Rod                 Hot Rod
 48   Bo-Weevil                  Dragster
 49   Devil Cart                 Dragster
 50   Funnel Master              Hot Rod
 51   Modified Dart              Dragster
 52   Newhouse Special           Dragster
 53   The Riviera                Custom Car
 54   The Undertaker             Hot Rod
 55   The Rushin' Roulette       Dragster
 56   T-Bird                     Dream Car
 57   Texas Terror               Dragster
 58   Li'l Coffin                Custom Car
 59   The Honey                  Custom Car
 60   The Drag Master            Dragster
 61   The Blazer                 Dragster
 62   The Streamliner            Dragster
 63   the Strip Star             Racer
 64   Li'l Billy                 Dragster
 65   The Wild Dream             Hot Rod
 66   "The Road Blazer"          Dream Car

 --   Proof cards were available through the Topps Vault.
 --   Uncut strips were available through the Topps Vault.

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