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Hot Schlock - Biker Collection
   Dreamtrip Enterprises - 1991

Notes:  This "premiere limited edition set" was printed on heavy paper, thinner
than usual card stock. It features original newspaper advertisements for some
of the most "important" biker films, many of which probably showed only in
drive-in theaters. The set came as a factory collection, numbered to 1200 sets. 
Thanks much to Dennis Skowronski for the checklist!

No.   Title

  1   The Wild Angels
  2   Black Angels
  3   Motorcycle Gang
  4   The Glory Stompers
  5   Sleazy Rider
  6   The Pink Angels
  7   Hells Belles
  8   Motor Psycho
  9   Hell's Bloody Devils
 10   Chrome and Hot Leather
 11   Hells Angels on Wheels
 12   Angels Die Hard
 13   Angels' Wild Woman
 14   Angels Hard as They Come
 15   Devil's Angels
 16   Hell's Angels '69
 17   Run, Angel, Run
 18   The Loners
 19   Satan's Sadists
 20   Naked Angels
 21   The Mini-Skirt Mob
 22   The Losers
 23   The Hellcats
 24   C.C. and Company
 25   Devil's Riders
 26   Angels Unchained
 27   Born Losers
 28   Wild Wheels
 29   Outlaw Riders
 30   The Thing with Two Heads
 31   She Devil on Wheels
 32   The Dirt Gang
 33   Wild Riders
 34   The Cycle Savages
 35   Teenage Gang Debs
 36   The Hard Ride
 37   Wild, Free and Hungry
 38   The Side Hackers
 39   Werewolf on Wheels
 40   Hell's Belles

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