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Hot Schlock - Science Fiction Collection
   Dreamtrip Enterprises - 1991

Notes:  This "premiere limited edition set" was printed on heavy paper, thinner
than usual card stock. It features original newspaper advertisements for some
of the most "important" science fiction films. The set came as a factory collection, 
numbered to 1200 sets. Thanks much to Dennis Skowronski for the checklist and 
to goldenavenger for the update!

No.   Title

  1   Green Slime
  2   Empire of the Ants
  3   The Body Stealers
  4   Warlords of Atlantis
  5   Eggshells
  6   Yog, Monster from Space
  7   Death Race 2000
  8   Invasion of the Saucer-men
  9   Cries of Ecstasy, Blows of Death
 10   Women of the Prehistoric Planet
 11   Captain Nemo and the Underwater City
 12   Panic in the Year Zero
 13   Infra-man
 14   Galaxina
 15   Lost Planet Airmen
 16   The Humanoid
 17   Last Days of Man on Earth
 18   Madmen of Mandoras
 19   The Food of the Gods
 20   The Visitors
 21   At the Earth's Core
 22   Queen of Outer Space
 23   Phase IV
 24   Voyage to the End of the Universe
 25   The Lost Continent
 26   The Mind Snatchers
 27   Ravagers
 28   Journey to the Seventh Planet
 29   Latitude Zero
 30   It Conquered the World
 31   The Human Duplicator
 32   Spy in the Sky
 33   Planet of the Vampires
 34   Frankenstein Meets the Space Monster
 35   Beast with 1,000,000 Eyes
 36   Wild Wild Planet
 37   Beyond Atlantis
 38   Cinderella 2000
 39   Invasion of the Star Creatures
 40   Queen of Outer Space

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