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Hot Schlock - Women In Crime Collection
Dreamtrip Enterprises - 1991

Notes:  This "premiere limited edition set" was printed on heavy paper, thinner
than usual card stock. It features original newspaper advertisements for some
of the most "important" genre films, and some of them would insult the company
of "B" movies. The set came as a factory collection, numbered to 1000 sets. 
Thanks much to Dennis Skowronski for the checklist!

No.   Title

  1   Big Doll House
  2   Black Mama White Mama
  3   The Big Bird Cage
  4   The Big Bustout
  5   Chaingang  Woman
  6   Fugitive Woman
  7   The Hot Box
  8   House of 1000 dolls
  9   Love Camp 7
 10   1000 Convicts and a Woman
 11   Sweet Sugar
 12   House of Unclaimed WomEn
 13   99 Women
 14   The Young, The Evil and the Savage
 15   The Weak and the Wicked
 16   Jail Bait
 17   House of Whipcord
 18   Savage Sisters
 19   Blackmail Wives
 20   They Call Her One Eye
 21   Act of Vengeance
 22   The Little Cigar Mob
 23   Boxcar Bertha
 24   Bobbie Jo and the Outlaw
 25   Bonnie's Kids
 26   Prostitution
 27   The Female Bunch
 28   Did Baby Shoot Her Sugar Daddy?
 29   The Bonnie Parker Story
 30   Jessi's Girls
 31   She Mole
 32   Woman for Sale
 33   The Lowest Crime
 34   Las Vegas Lady
 35   Female Jungle
 36   Teenage Doll
 37   Moonlighting Mistress
 38   Faster Pussycat Kill, Kill
 39   The Desert Raven
 40   Big Doll House

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