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Hot Shots Chronicles
Hot Shots - 1997

Notes: This distribution was made up primarily from "leftover" cards from a
wide variety of card series, including common cards from:

        1992 Premier Edition
        1993 Emperor's Collection
        Girl, Girl, Girls 1
        Dare To Bare
        HS3 Series 1
        Girl, Girl, Girls 2
        HS3 Series 2
        HS4 Queen Of Hearts
        Girl, Girl, Girls 3
        Hot Shots 5
        Hot Shots 6
        Girl, Girl, Girls 4
        Penthouse Returns 1
        Penthouse Returns 2

Packs also included speciality cards, autographs, inserts, transparency cards,
holograms, and cards previously available only to dealers or Knights Club and
Emperors Club members. It was not possible to make complete sets of most
common sets from Chronicles boxes, but Chronicles boxes were a good source
for some of the dealer, club, and binder cards that were difficult to acquire
otherwise. The only "new" cards exclusive to this series were the Monika
Hajkova subset. Many thanks to LMA for the list!

Box: 34 packs of 10 cards.

No.   Title

Chronicles Subset

   1   Monika Hajkova
   2   Monika Hajkova
   3   Monika Hajkova
   4   Monika Hajkova
   6   Monika Hajkova
   7   Monika Hajkova
   8   Monika Hajkova
   8   Monika Hajkova
   9   Monika Hajkova

Autograph Cards

   1   Heidi Lynn (previously issued in Penthouse Returns set)
   2   Lydia Schoene

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