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How to Train Your Dragon 2
   Topps - 2014

Notes: No display boxes have been observed, at least not yet; all cards have been 
found in Retail jumbo packs. Thanks to Ryan Cracknell for the list assist!

Box: 24 packs of 6 cards.
Common sets (100): approx. 1.00 per box if collation were perfect.
Jumbo packs: 17 cards + 1 bonus card.

    No.    Title                        Description


    D1     Toothless
    D2     Stormfly
    D3     Meatlug
    D4     Hookfang
    D5     Belch and Barf
    D6     Thunderdrum
    D7     Skullcrusher
    D8     Cloudjumper
    D9     Grump
    D10    Valka's Bewilderbeast
    D11    Drago's Bewilderbeast
    D12    Thornado
    D13    Terrible Terrors
    D14    Changewing
    D15    Fireworm
    D16    Flightmare
    D17    Hobblegrunt
    D18    Raincutter
    D19    Scauldron
    D20    Seashocker
    D21    Skrill
    D22    Smothering Smokebreath
    D23    Snafflefang
    D24    Snaptrapper
    D25    Timberjack
    D26    Typhoomerang
    D27    Whispering Death


    R1     Hiccup
    R2     Astrid
    R3     Fishlegs
    R4     Snotlout
    R5     Tuffnut                      Barf
    R6     Ruffnut                      Riders
    R7     Stoick                       Skullcrusher
    R8     Dragon Rider                 ?
    R9     Gobber
    R10    Valka
    R11    Eret                         Ruffnut
    R12    Drago                        Gobber

        Movie Scenes

    S1     A Big Day for Berk
    S2     Dragon Riders Take Flight
    S3     Rules of the Race
    S4     Of Dragons and Good Deeds
    S5     Last Lap Coming Up
    S6     Catapulted!
    S7     Up and Away
    S8     Fast and the Furious
    S9     Three's a Crowd
    S10    Astrid on the Outside
    S11    Eat My Dust, Boys
    S12    Beaten to Their Goal
    S13    Outracing the Racers
    S14    The Big Finish
    S15    Hiccup in Action
    S16    Sea Chasing with Toothless
    S17    Dragons in the Sky
    S18    Cloud Chasers
    S19    Hiccup the Skydiver
    S20    New Lands to Visit
    S21    Made for Each Other
    S22    The Map and the Challenge
    S23    Astrid Joins Hiccup
    S24    "You Can Do It"
    S25    In Enemy Territory
    S26    Facing Eret's Forces
    S27    Standing Their Ground
    S28    The Challenge
    S29    Outwitting Erat
    S30    Hiccup Warns the Chief
    S31    Nothing to Fear
    S32    Locking Down Berk
    S33    A Quizzical Dragon
    S34    The Rescue That Wasn't
    S35    The Chief's Story
    S36    A Boy and His Dragon
    S37    The Dragon Warrior
    S38    A Fearsome Flyer
    S39    What Manner of Creature?
    S40    Collision Course
    S41    Dragons in His Midst
    S42    Hiccup Surrounded!
    S43    From the Darkness of Time
    S44    Say Hello to ... Mom
    S45    In Search of Hiccup
    S46    A World of Wonder
    S47    Valka Meets Toothless
    S48    How It All Began ...
    S49    Behold the Bewilderbeast
    S50    It's a Dragon Thing
    S51    Gotta Love Toothless
    S52    Father Knows Best?
    S53    After All These Years ...
    S54    Like a Dream Come True
    S55    A New Beginning
    S56    The Day of Reckoning
    S57    Ready for the Destruction
    S58    Hatchlings to the Rescue
    S59    Hatchlings Go Wild
    S60    Heading Into Battle
    S61    A Future King


Foil Character Cards (1:2 packs)

 1 of 10   Hiccup
 2 of 10   Astrid
 3 of 10   Fishlegs
 4 of 10   Snotlout
 5 of 10   Tuffnut
 6 of 10   Ruffnut
 7 of 10   Stoick
 8 of 10   Dragon Rider
 9 of 10   Gobber
10 of 10   Drago

Sticker Cards (1:2 packs)

       1   Hiccup                       (red border puzzle top right)
       2   Astrid                       (red border puzzle top middle)
       3   Fishlegs                     (red border puzzle top left)
       4   Snotlout                     (red border puzzle center right)
       5   Tuffnut                      (red border puzzle center)
       6   Ruffnut                      (red border puzzle center left)
       7   Toothless                    (red border puzzle bottom right)
       8   Stormfly                     (red border puzzle bottom middle)
       9   Meatlug                      (red border puzzle bottom left)
      10   Hookfang                     (red border puzzle completed)
      11   Belch and Barf               (blue border puzzle top right)
      12   Berk's Best Buds             (blue border puzzle top middle)
      13   Fastest Friends              (blue border puzzle top left)
      14   Perfect Pals                 (blue border puzzle center right)
      15   Dive Bomb!                   (blue border puzzle center)
      16   Double Trouble               (blue border puzzle center left)
      17   Dragon Rider                 (blue border puzzle bottom right)
      18   Skrill                       (blue border puzzle bottom middle)
      19   Cloudjumper                  (blue border puzzle bottom left)
      20   Whispering Death             (blue border puzzle completed)

Rider's License Cards (1:3 packs)

 1 of 10   Hiccup                       Toothless
 2 of 10   Astrid                       Stormfly
 3 of 10   Fishlegs                     Boulder
 4 of 10   Snotlout                     Stoker
 5 of 10   Tuffnut                      Mystery
 6 of 10   Ruffnut                      Belch
 7 of 10   Stoick                       Skullcrusher
 8 of 10   Dragon Rider                 Cloudjumper
 9 of 10   Gobber                       Grump
10 of 10   Drago                        None

Tattoos (1:4 packs)

    --     Dragon Master
    --     Dragon Rider
    --     Hiccup
    --     Night Fury
    --     Stunt Flyer
    --     Toothless
    --     (Meatlug logo)
    --     (Hookfang logo)
    --     (Stormfly logo)
    --     (Toothless logo)
    --     (Belch & Barf logo)

Pencil Toppers (1:12 packs)

  1 of 5   Hiccup & Toothless
  2 of 5   Fishlegs & Meatlug
  3 of 5   Astrid & Stormfly
  4 of 5   Snotlout & Hookfang
  5 of 5   Ruffnut & Tuffnut and Belch & Barf

Dragon Footprint Cards (1:24 packs)

    --     Belch & Barf
    --     Hookfang
    --     Meatlug
    --     Stormfly
    --     Toothless

Bonus Cards (1:Jumbo pack)

   TG-1    A Race to Remember
   TG-2    The Best of Friends
   WM-1    Astrid Takes Flight
   WM-2    Dual Divers

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©2014 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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