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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
2003 Calendar Cards (50-card set)
(Thailand) - 2002

Notes: Calendars feature scenes from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. 
Calendar backs are identical (except for card number), with title "Calendar 2003"; 
month titles in English; on white background with grey highlights.

No.   Scene / Text

001   Ron repotting mandrakes
002   Movie poster with Harry and sword over shoulder
003   Movie poster with Draco
004   Harry sitting in quidditch outfit
005   Harry with sword over shoulder
006   Hermione Granger
007   Tom Riddle
008   Movie poster with Harry in robe
009   Movie poster with Tom Riddle
010   Movie poster with Lucius Malfoy
011   Hermione Granger - Hermione is another good friend ...
012   Ron Weasley - Ron is one of Harry's best friends. ...
013   Harry Potter - Harry Potter thought he was just ... (house robe)
014   The Christmas Feast: The hall glimmers ...
015   Movie poster with Dobby
016   Movie poster with Ron
017   Movie poster with Dumbledore
018   Harry grabs snitch
019   Draco and Harry duel
020   Daniel Radcliffe
021   Movie poster with Harry and sword across chest
022   Movie poster with Hermione, Harry, Ron
023   Hermione (book), Ron (wand), Harry (sword)
024   Harry in quidditch robe, portrait with broom
025   Movie poster with Hermione
026   Movie poster with Hagrid
027   Flying car meets Hogwarts Express
028   Ron with bucket, Dumbledore with Fawkes
029   Ron and Harry restrain Lockhart
030   Ron (howler), Harry (quidditch), Hermione (cauldron)
031   Hermion, Harry (robe), Ron, Draco
032   Hermione, Harry (quidditch), Ron, Draco
033   Ginny, Colin, Malfoy, Hagrid
034   Harry's first broom flight
035   Gryffindor crest and Hermione with cauldron
036   Gryffindor crest and Ron with Scabbers
037   Gryffindor crest and Harry riding broom
038   Gryffindor crest and Harry in quidditch gear
039   Harry in quidditch robe with snitch
040   Harry with Gryffindor's sword
041   Harry Potter - Harry Potter thought he was just ... (quidditch)
042   Gryffindor crest and Harry in robe
043   Polyjuice Potion
044   Earmuffs in Madame Sprout's class
045   Tools in Dumbledore's office
046   Chamber tunnel
047   The Chamber of Secrets has been opened
048   Harry with book and quill
049   Class levitating brooms
050   luv or lust?

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©2005, 2006 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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