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Harry Potter Chocolate Frog
    Wizard Cards, Series 1 (USA)
Cap Candy / Warner Bros. - 2003

Notes:  One lenticular card comes packaged with a "milk chocolate frog with
crisped rice." This series was followed by another series of 12 different cards 
from the same manufacturer.

  No.   Title

 1/24   Adalbert Waffling
 2/24   Beaumont Marjoribanks
 3/24   Bertie Bott
 4/24   Bowman Wright
 5/24   Cliodne
 6/24   Cornelius Agrippa
 7/24   Daisy Dodderidge
 8/24   Derwent Shimpling
 9/24   Devlin Whitehorn
10/24   Donaghan Tremlett
11/24   Gifford Ollerton
12/24   Gunhilda of Gorsemoor
13/24   Gwenog Jones
14/24   Helga Hufflepuff
15/24   Hengist of Woodcroft
16/24   Ignatia Wildsmith
17/24   Lord Stoddard Withers
18/24   Merlin
19/24   Morgan Le Fay
20/24   Newt Seamander
21/24   Quong Po
22/24   Rowena Ravenclaw
23/24   Sacharissa Tugwood
24/24   Uric the Oddball

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