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Harry Potter Chocolate Frog
    Wizard Cards, Series 2 (USA)
Cap Candy / Warner Bros. - 2004

Notes:  One lenticular card comes packaged with a "milk chocolate frog with
crisped rice." Markings on cards themselves include 'TM & © Warner Bros.
Entertainment Inc." and the year code "s04." Packaging shows copyright
dates of 2003, which may mean they reused packaging from the first series
of 24 cards. Mark Statuto quotes the following update (thanks!!): "There is 
also a 13th rare chase card called "The Potter Family". This card has a red back 
instead of the regular purple back and is randomly inserted in packs."

 No.    Title

 1/12   Albus Dumbledore
 2/12   Madam Rolanda Hooch
 3/12   Minerva McGonagall
 4/12   Pomona Sprout
 5/12   Severus Snape
 6/12   Rubeus Hagrid
 7/12   Madam Pince
 8/12   Mr. Ollivander
 9/12   Gilderoy Lockhart
10/12   Voldemort
11/12   Filius Flitwick
12/12   Quirinus Quirrell


 --     The Potter Family

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