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Harry Potter Chocolate Frog Cards (Japan)
Warner Bros - 2001

Notes: These lenticular cards (approximately 3-1/4" x 2") have the same images and 
general design as the Chocolate Frog Cards issued in the U.K. for cards 1-30, but add 
10 cards (and card numbering) to the series. The copyright marking is "TM & © 
Warner Bros (s01)." The set does not include the Madam Malkin card that was part 
of the second U.K. series, but does include the Fat Lady Portrait that was removed 
from the second Asian series and the third U.K. release.

No.   Title

  1   Hermione Granger
  2   Ron Weasley
  3   Quidditch
  4   Mirror of Erised
  5   Norbert
  6   Harry Potter
  7   Gringotts
  8   Rubeus Hagrid
  9   Fluffy
 10   Severus Snape
 11   Diagon Alley
 12   Invisibility Cloah
 13   Hedwig
 14   Hogwarts
 15   Firenze
 16   Flying
 17   The Troll
 18   The Remembrall
 19   Scabbers
 20   Sorting Hat
 21   The Great Hall
 22   Halloween
 23   Winged Keys
 24   Ollivander's Wand Shop
 25   Fat Lady Po
 26   Platform 9 3/4
 27   Professor McGonagall
 28   Gringotts Bank Vault
 29   Devil's Snare
 30   Christmas at Hogwartz
 31   The Burrow
 32   Dobby's Warning
 33   The Griffindor Sword
 34   T. M. Riddle
 35   The Whomping Willow
 36   Mandrakes
 37   Pixies
 38   Gilderoy Lockhart
 39   Aragog
 40   Polyjuice Potion

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