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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince DVD Set
   Artbox - 2009

Notes: These cards were inserted with the DVDs for the HBP movie, but we haven't 
been able to track down exactly which DVD editions had them. The two character 
cards #11 and #12 were part of several "Ultimate Edition" releases, and the numbers 
hint that there were character cards available for limited editions of previous films, 
perhaps associated with the 2011 re-release. Thanks much to Laura Warner for the 
original list!

No.      Title

HP6-01   Harry Potter
HP6-02   Ron Weasley
HP6-03   Hermione Granger
HP6-04   Attack at Ollivanders
HP6-05   The Penseive

Limited Edition Character Cards

  11     Draco Malfoy
  12     Albus Dumbledore

Year 5 Lenticular Card

  --     (identified on some Ultimate Edition DVD packaging)

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