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Harry Potter Memorable Moments Series 2
Artbox - 2009

Notes:  The C9 costume card was mistakenly issued with a swatch of Sleeping Bag 
material from Prisoner of Azkaban instead of Hermione's gown material. Artbox 
offered to exchange the error card for one with a correct swatch. The C5 card is not 
really an error, even though the image seems to feature Aunt Marge instead of Aunt 
Petunia. Petunia's in the corner, and it was the only image showing Fiona Shaw that 
was approved for Artbox' use. Thanks much to Anna Okumoto for the update! 
Further information and scans are posted at the Artbox website.

Box: 24 packs of 8 cards. 10 boxes per case, 6000 boxes total.
Common sets: approx. 2.52 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Card Text / Title

   Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

 01   "Isn't he beautiful? Oh, bless him - look, he
 02   "Jump!" - Harry Potter
 03   "Hermione, move!" - Harry Potter
 04   "Clear as they come, goblins - but not the mos
 05   "The little tyke fell ter sleep jus' as we wer
 06   "Lucky this plant thing's here, really!" - Ron
 07   "If I didn't know better, Draco, I'd say you w
 08   "Give me that letter!" - Vernon Dursley
 09   "Think you're bein' funny, do ya?" - Station G
 10   "It is curious that you should be destined for
 11   "Who'd be writing to you?" - Vernon Dursley
 12   "Now, when I call your name, you shall come fo
 13   "Troll in the dungeon!" - Professor Quirrell
 14   "What do I do with it?"

   Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

 15   "Is this yours?" - Draco Malfoy
 16   "My name is Harry Potter." - Harry Potter
 17   "let me introduce you to your new Defense Agai
 18   "Not today, Mr. Weasley." - Professor McGonaga
 19   "...five times winner of Witch Weekly's Most-C
 20   "You wish." - Harry Potter
 21   "Let's go." - Harry Potter
 22   "...I strongly recommend caution... to all." -
 23   "You'll still have your Potions Master when I'
 24   "Fera Verto." - Ron Weasley
 25   "She was found near the library..." - Professo
 26   "What the devil are you doing up here?!" - Ver
 27   "Rescuing you, of course." - Ron Weasley
 28   "Fascinating creatures, phoenixes." - Albus Du

   Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

 29   "Harry!" - Ron Weasley
 30   "You two shopping for your new, dream home?" -
 31   "Vernon, do something!" - Aunt Marge
 32   "That's the rule, Potter." - Professor McGonag
 33   "Is it true you fainted?" - Draco Malfoy
 34   "Show me." - Harry Potter
 35   "Think Neville, think!" - Professor Lupin
 36   "Sirius Black was - and remains to this day -
 37   "Is that my little neph-e-kins?" - Aunt Marge
 38   "Youd' have to be in two classes at once." - R
 39   "My name is Stan Shunpike..." - Stan Shunpike
 40   "But, what's he got to do with me?" - Harry Po
 41   "A remarkable feat, don't you think?" - Profes
 42   "He bit me!" - Ron Weasley

   Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

 43   "Amazing... amazing!" - Neville Longbottom
 44   "Any bets?!" - Fred Weasley
 45   "The lovely ladies of the Beauxbatons Academy
 46   "Uh... uhm..." - Hermione Granger
 47   "Place your right hand on my waist." - Profess
 48   "Blood of the enemy..." - Peter Pettigrew
 49   "...Hogwarts has been chosen..." - Professor D
 50   "Is that a threat?! Is that a threat?!" - Mad
 51   "Mum sent me a dress." - Ron Weasley
 52   "C'mon, Potter. What are your strengths?" - Ma
 53   "Barty Crouch... Junior!" - Igor Karkaroff
 54   "No! No!" - Harry Potter
 55   "Ah, but that's why it's so brilliant." - Fred
 56   "Hmmmm, hmmmm..." - Neville Longbottom

   Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

 57   "Rescuing you, of course." - Mad-Eye Moody
 58   "Hello, Harry Potter." - Luna Lovegood
 59   "To question my practices is to question the M
 60   "You're right Harry, we don't..." - Hermione G
 61   "Those wishing to join the Inquisitorial Squad
 62   "There's a storm comin', Harry." - Rubeus Hagr
 63   "I'm quite proud to be their son..." - Neville
 64   "Get away from my godson." - Sirius Black
 65   "Good - I want to join!" - Harry Potter
 66   "Reducto!" - Ginny Weasley
 67   "Harry - it isn't how you are alike; it's how
 68   "What are you doing?" - Dudley Dursley
 69   "Whoaaa!" - Nigel
 70   "I've never used the visitors' entrance before
 71   "I've gone all summer without a scrap of news.

 72   Checklist


Puzzle Foil Cards (1:4.8 packs)

Pz1   Dumbledore's Army (silhouettes)
Pz2   Harry Potter (slight right profile)
Pz3   Harry Potter (facing forward)
Pz4   Hermione Granger (head tilted)
Pz5   Hermione Granger (facing forward)
Pz6   Ron Weasley
Pz7   Luna Lovegood
Pz8   Ginny Weasley
Pz9   Neville Longbottom

Autograph Cards (1:48 packs)

 --   Daniel Radcliffe and Gary Oldman as Harry Potter and Sirius Black
           (Ultra Rare; by redemption)
 --   James Issac and Tom Felton as Lucius and Dracoy Malfoy (Ultra Rare;
           by redemption)
 --   Henry Lloyd-Hughes and Clémence Poésy as Roger Davies and Fleur Delacour
           (Ultra Rare; by redemption)
 --   Pedja Bjelac and Stanislav Ianevski as Igor Karkaroff and Viktor Krum
           (Rare; by redemption)
 --   Verne Troyer as Griphook the Goblin (Rare)
 --   Richard Leaf as Auror Dawlish (Rare; OOTP)
 --   Robert Jarvis as Young James Potter (OOTP)
 --   Tolga Safer as Karkaroff's Aide (GOF)
 --   Apple Brook as Professor Grubbly-Plank (by redemption; OOTP)
 --   Ryan Nelson as Slightly Creepy Boy

Costume Cards (1:30 packs)

C1    Bonnie Wright as Ginny Weasley's bathrobe (COS; 670)
C2    Kenneth Branaugh as Professor Gilderoy Lockhart (COS; 570)
C3    Rupert Grint as Ron Weasley (COS; 500)
C4    Richard Griffiths as Uncle Vernon Dursley's sweater (POA; 600)
C5    Fiona Shaw as Aunt Petunia (POA; 700) [error]
C6    Harry Melling as Dudley Dursley's shirt (OOTP; 590)
C7    Daniel Radcliffe and Sean Biggerstaff as Harry Potter and Oliver Wood,
           robe and sweater (TSS; 430)
C8    Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe as Hermione Granger and Harry Potter,
           blue sweater and striped shirt (COS; 350)
C9    Emma Watson and Katie Leung as Hermione Granger and Cho Chang, Yule Ball
           gowns (GOF; 290) [error]
C10   Clémence Poésy as Fleur Delacour (GOF; 470)
C11   Rupert Grint and Bonnie Wright as Ron and Ginny Weasley (GOF; 300)
C12   Emma Watson and Bonnie Wright as Hermione Granger and Ginny Weasley,
           sweater and jacket (OOTP; 250)

Prop Cards (1:80 packs)

P1    Hedwig's Perch (SS; 100)
P2    Ron's Compass (COS; 90)
P3    Devil's Snare and Fluffy's Fur (SS; 260)
P4    Mandrake and Fawkes's Feather (COS; 260)
P5    Buckbeak's Feathers and Chain (POA; 150)
P6    Honeydukes Candy Wrappers and Bags (POA; 100)
P7    Quidditch World Cup Irish and Bulgarian Flags (GOF; 150)
P8    Yule Ball Drapes and Programs (GOF; 400)
P9    Defense Against the Dark Arts Books - Cover and Pages (OOTP; 190)
P10   Dolores Umbridge's Progress Reports and Stationery (OOTP; 280)
P11   Proclamation Frame Wood and Glass (OOTP; 270)
P12   First Task Tent and Canopy Material (GOF; 410)

Dumbledore's Army Box-Topper Cards

BT1   (Harry Potter; Hogwarts)
BT2   (Harry Potter; practice dummy)
BT3   (Harry Potter; silhouette behind)
BT4   (Harry Potter; alone)
BT5   Dumbledore's Army (silhouette)

Case-Topper 3-D Cards

CT1   (Harry Potter and Hedwig)
CT2   (Draco Malfoy and Dark Mark)
CT3   (Dragon and Harry Potter)

Binder Case Purchase Silver-Metal-Etched Cards

BC1   Fluffy
BC2   Aragog

Multi-Case-Purchase Dealer Incentive Cards

Ci1   Sleeping Bags and Hospital Wing Sheets (double prop, 2 cases) (POA; 380)
Ci2   Daniel Radcliffe and Ralph Fiennes as Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort
           (double costume, 5 cases) (OOTP; 200)
Ci3   Rupert Grint and Matthew Lewis as Ron Weasley and Neville Longbottom
           (double costume, 10 cases) (POA; 140)
Ci4   Emma Watson and David Thewlis as Hermione Granger and Professor Remus
           Lupin (double costume, 25 cases) (POA; 104)

Card Album (sold separately)

--    (binder)
P4    (Riddle Graveyard; also listed below)
P5    (Walkway; also listed below)


P1    (The Golden Snitch) [SS]
P2    (Duelling Club) [COS]
P3    (The Monster Book of Monsters) [POA]
P4    (Riddle Graveyard; binder exclusive) [GOF]
P5    (Walkway; binder exclusive) [OOTP]
--    (dealer sell sheet)

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©2009, 2011 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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