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Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
   Happy Families
Carta Mundi - 2004

Note:  These cards are oversized, 4-3/4" x 3-1/4", and are used for rudimentary games.

No.   Scene

 A1   Dudley and Aunt Marge
 A2   Aunt Marge with wine
 A3   Dursleys watching Aunt Launch
 A4   Aunt Marge inflated and rising

 B1   The Hogwarts Express
 B2   Harry Potter
 B3   Dementor hand
 B4   Lupin dispells dementor

 C1   Dumbledore welcomes
 C2   Ron, Seamus, and Harry
 C3   McGonagall
 C4   Hermione

 D1   Hagrid
 D2   Harry and Buckbeak
 D3   Malfoy and Monster Book
 D4   Malfoy obtains sympathy

 E1   Ron and Harry in snow
 E2   "Have You Seen This Wizard?"
 E3   Hermione and Ron at window
 E4   McGonagall, Rosmerta, and Fudge

 F1   Trio knocks at Hagrid's
 F2   Harry grins
 F3   Trio and Scabbers
 F4   Pumpkin patch

 G1   Trio in Shrieking Shack
 G2   Sirius revealed
 G3   Sirius questions Ron
 G4   Snape holds Sirius

 H1   Harry and Hermione with pumpkins
 H2   Harry protects Hermione
 H3   Sirius in cell
 H4   Sirius farewells Harry

 --   Rules of the games (box insert pamphlet)
 --   (storage box)

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