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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire:
Collector's Edition Update Set
   Artbox - 2006

Notes:  At least one "hot box" with all cards that were distributed in packs has been 
gloriously reported. Thanks much to Tom Wright, Mike Uptegrove, and Katrina 
Andrews for updates!

Hobby Box: 24 packs of 8 cards. 10 boxes per case, 750 cases total.
Common sets: approx. 2.00 per box if collation were perfect.
Retail Box: 24 packs of 8 cards. Approximately 2.08 sets per box.

 No.    Title                                           Quantity

  91    The Riddle Tombstone
  92    Bloody Kids!
  93    Gather Our Old Comrades
  94    Heading To The Portkey
  95    I'll Bet That Cleared Your Sinuses!
  96    Stick Together!
  97    Clear The Runway!
  98    Not For the Faint-Hearted
  99    One Big Woman
 100    Friends From The North
 101    Eternal Glory
 102    The Goblet Of Fire
 103    Give Us A Curse
 104    The Imperius Curse
 105    Completely Harmless?
 106    What Should I Have Her Do Next?
 107    Here's The Rub...
 108    The Durmstrang Champion
 109    It's Not Going To Wo-ork
 110    The Hogwarts Champion?
 111    Champion Selection
 112    The Second Champion
 113    Vessel Of Victory
 114    Chalice Of Champions
 115    Mysterious Flames
 116    A Fourth Champion?
 117    No... No
 118    He's A Cheat
 119    In Shock
 120    This Can't Go On...
 121    Friends?
 122    They've Got One For Each Of Us
 123    Young Love
 124    How... Stirring
 125    This Tent Is For Champions
 126    Harry! Harry!
 127    Your Wand!
 128    Well, It Does Match Your Eyes
 129    Lordly Lions?
 130    Everybody Come Together
 131    A Dragon Or A Date?
 132    I Didn't Catch That?
 133    Beautiful
 134    Hermione And Viktor
 135    Preparing To Dance
 136    No. Absolutely Not.
 137    Now!
 138    Practice Makes Perfect
 139    A Subtle Invitation
 140    Ruddy Pumpkin Head
 141    Mulling Things Over
 142    One Good Turn
 143    Come Seek Us...
 144    I've Killed Harry Potter
 145    Eerie Voices
 146    She's My Friend Too!
 147    Ascendio!
 148    The Youngest Triwizard Champion?
 149    An Almighty Lurch
 150    Brought From Azkaban
 151    Rosier Is Dead
 152    A Spy?
 153    Head Of The Department Of International Magical Co-Operation
 154    I've Heard About One More
 155    Deep Within The Maze
 156    Tied For First
 157    Hearing Things
 158    A Tight Squeeze
 159    Not Himself
 160    Panicked
 161    Withdrawal From The Task
 162    Yes!
 163    Reducto!
 164    Together - One, Two, Three!
 165    Where Are We?
 166    Get Back To The Cup!
 167    What Do You Want?
 168    The Dark Lord Shall Rise Again
 169    Resurrection
 170    Welcome My Friends
 171    You Have Proved Yourself Useful
 172    How Lies Have Fed Your Legend!
 173    A Few Drops Of Blood
 174    The Dark Lord
 175    A Wand Meets Its Brother
 176    He's Mine To Finish
 177    The Reverse Spell Effect
 178    You Must Get To the Portkey
 179    What Was It Like?
 180    Checklist


Foil Puzzle Cards

 R1     (Harry running with wand)
 R2     (Grindylows)
 R3     (Harry with letter from Hedwig)
 R4     (Merwoman)
 R5     (Nagini)
 R6     (Durmstrang ship)
 R7     (Harry springs with wand)
 R8     (Goblet of Fire)
 R9     (Harry standing with wand)

Costume Cards (1:24 Hobby packs)

 C1     Lucius Malfoy's Robe                               475 (material used to create)
 C2     Cho Chang's Yule Ball Dress                        700 (material used to create)
 C3     Minerva McGonagall's Yule Ball Robe                350 (material used to create)
 C4     Madame Maxime's Dress                              825 (material used to create)
 C5     Harry Potter's First Task Triwizard Robe           275 (worn by)
 C6     Fleur Delacour's Yule Ball Dress                  1050 (worn by)
 C7     Hermione's Granger's Yule Ball dress               600 (material used to create)
 C8     Cedric Diggory's First Task Triwizard Robe         700 (worn by)
 C9     Igor Karkaroff's Costume                           850 (worn by)
 C10    Fleur Delacour's First Task Triwizard Costume     1025 (worn by)
 C11    Harry Potter's Third Task Triwizard Costume        250 (worn by)
 C12    Cedrick Diggory's Third Task Triwizard Costume     300 (worn by)
 C13    Fleur Delacour's Third Task Triwizard Costume      900 (worn by)
 C14    Harry Potter's Second Task Triwizard Costume       300 (worn by)
 C15    Gryffindor Student Ties                            400 (worn by)

Autograph and Auto/Costume Cards (1:48 Hobby packs)
                                                   (est. # for 4500 total)
 --     Quad Card (by redemption; 4 swatches and 4 autos   100
 --     Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter                   100
 DE1    Ashley Artus as a Death Eater (auto/costume card   250
 DE2    Alex Palmer as a Death Eater (auto/costume card)   250

 --     Frances De La Tour as Madame Maxime                350
 --     Michael Gambon as Albus Dumbledore                 350
 --     Katie Leung as Cho Chang                           350
 --     Clémence Poésy as Fleur Delacour                   350
 --     David Tennant as Barty Crouch Jr.                  350
 --     Roger Lloyd-Pack as Barty Crouch                   450
 --     Bonnie Wright as Ginny Weasley                     450
 --     Afshan Azad as Padma Patil                         575
 --     Shefali Chowdhury as Parvati Patil                 575

Prop Cards (1:80 Hobby packs)

 P1     Irish Quidditch Team Flag                          455
 P2     Memorial Banner                                    355
 P3     Books [Restricted Section]                         350
 P4     Weasley Tent Material                              520
 P5     Riddle House Material                              305
 P6     Chudley Cannons Poster                             120
 P7     Stadium Banners                                    425
 P8     Wrapping from Ron's Yule Ball Robe Package         240
 P9     Rita Skeeter's Notepad                             120
 P10    Hermione's Book                                    130
 P11    Letter to Sirius Black                              90

Authentic Cinema Film (Cel) Cards (1:80 Hobby packs)

CFC1    Triwizard Tournament Cup                           350
CFC2    Dragon in Cage                                     350
CFC3    Dumbledore and Goblet of Fire                      350
CFC4    Ron and Harry close up                             350
CFC5    Durmstrang Student and Goblet of Fire              350
CFC6    Mad-Eye Moody                                      350
CFC7    Harry in the Owlery                                350
CFC8    Hermione and Harry in the Gryffindor Common Room   350
CFC9    Ron and Harry Study in the Great Hall              350

Box-Topper Cards

 BT1    (Riddle Graveyard)
 BT2    (Horn-tailed Dragon and Harry)
 BT3    (The Maze)
 BT4    (Merwoman)

Case-Topper Cards

  --    (Second Task Harry at Platforms)
        (Beauxbatons Flying Carriage)
  --    (Mad-Eye Moody)

Multi-Case Incentive Cards

 Ci3    Daily Prophet prop card (2 cases)                  455
 Ci1    Fleur Delacour Yule Ball Dress (5 cases)           230
 Ci2    Lord Voldemort's Cloak (10 cases)                  155
 BC1    Slytherin Students Ties (5 binder cases)           114

   Triwizard Champions Wands (25 cases)
 Ci4a   Harry Potter                                        28
 Ci4b   Cedric Diggory                                      28
 Ci4c   Fleur Delacour                                      28
 Ci4d   Viktor Krum                                         28

Card Album (sold separately)

  --    (binder)
  --    (promos 03-04)

San Diego Comic Con Album (SDCC 2006; includes one jumbo prop card; 400 copies)

     --    (binder; black & white: Harry in graveyard)
     --    First Task Tent Material (8" x 10-1/2" prop card; 200 copies)
     --    Quidditch World Cup Campsite Burnt Tent Material (8" x 10-1/2" prop card; 200 copies)


  01    (Dumbledore, Harry; silver foil)
  02    (Sirius, Snape, McGonagall, Maxime, Dumbledore, Moody; silver foil)
  03    (Harry discharging wand; silver foil; binder exclusive)
  04    (Ron, Hermione, Harry; silver foil; binder exclusive)

01-04   Red Foil Promo set (dealer incentive; 3 binder cases)
01-04   Green Foil Promo set (Philly Non-Sport show, limited to 400)
01-04   Blue Foil Promo set (Hawaii Trade Conference)
01-02   (promo pack)
  --    (dealer sell sheet)

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