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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince: Collector's Update
Artbox - 2009

Box: 24 packs of 8 cards. 10 boxes/case, 5000 #'d boxes.
Common sets (90): approx. 2.01 per box if collation were perfect.

No.    Title                                                         # made

 91    Attack at Ollivanders
 92    Dumbledore Waits
 93    Spinner's End
 94    Visiting Knockturn Alley
 95    The Hogwarts Express
 96    Peruvian Instant Darkness Powder
 97    A Thinning Mist of Darkness
 98    Leaving the Scene
 99    Seeing Wrackspurts
100    Friends
101    The Slytherin Table
102    Another Seamus Finnigan Explosion
103    Viewing a Memory
104    "You Can Do Things, Can't You, Tom?"
105    Something Trying to Get Out
106    The Box in the Wardrobe
107    "Nothing Personal"
108    A Nervous Wreck
109    A Confident Keeper
110    A Little Unsteady
111    Hanging in There
112    On the Way Home
113    An Argument Between Friends
114    Lucky to Be Alive
115    "A Most Intriguing Object"
116    Pre-Match Support
117    "How Does It Feel?"
118    "But I Am The Chosen One"
119    A Secret Mission
120    One of a Pair
121    A Sign of Romance
122    A Magical Christmas Cake
123    Lestrange Attacks
124    Racing for the Reeds
125    Going After Harry
126    A Trap
127    A Battle in the Darkness
128    Trapped in the Reeds
129    Defending The Burrow
130    Covering All Angles
131    Star Student
132    A Bit of Rare Magic
133    Not a True Memory
134    "This Memory Is Everything"
135    "I Happen To Be His... Friend"
136    A Mysterious Connection
137    Draco, Devastated
138    Battle with Draco
139    Sectumsempra
140    Felix
141    Aragog's Burial
142    "Farewell... Aragog"
143    Enjoying the Moment
144    "Odo the Hero"
145    "I Am The Chosen One"
146    "Don't Think Too Badly of Me"
147    The True Memory
148    At Last
149    Preparing to Learn the Truth
150    Known Horcruxes
151    Precious Blood
152    Searching for Horcruxes
153    Raising the Boat
154    The Location of the Horcrux
155    "It Has To Be Drunk"
156    Preparing for the Worst
157    The Third Horcrux?
158    The Bottom of the Basin
159    Something in the Water
160    Inferi
161    Battling the Inferi
162    Inferi Attack
163    Reaching for His Wand
164    Trapped Under Water
165    Pulled into the Depths
166    Screaming in Agony
167    An Inferno
168    Rising to the Challenge
169    Overwhelmed by Heat
170    A Path to Safety
171    Finalizing the Plan
172    Darkness on the Horizon
173    "I've Done Things that Would Shock You"
174    Keeping Quiet
175    The Dark Mark
176    Leaving Hogwarts
177    Fire at Hagrid's Hut
178    Mourning the Headmaster
179    The Dark Mark
180    Checklist


Foil Puzzle Cards (1:4.8 packs)

 R1    Severus Snape
 R2    Top Score
 R3    Harry & Ginny
 R4    Hogwarts
 R5    Memories
 R6    Bezoars
 R7    Danger at The Burrow
 R8    Dumbledore
 R9    Amortentia

Autograph Cards (1:48 packs)

 --    Rupert Grint / Ron Weasley and Jessie Cave / Lavender Brown   Ultra Rare [by redemption]
 --    Amber and Ruby Evans / the Slytherin twins                    Ultra Rare
 --    Julie Walters / Molly Weasley                                 Ultra Rare
 --    Helen McCrory / Narcissa Malfoy [by redemption]               Ultra Rare [by redemption]
 --    Frank Dillane / Tom Riddle [age 16]                           Rare
 --    Amelda Brown / Mrs. Cole                                      Rare
 --    Georgina Leonidas / Katie Bell                                Rare
 --    Louis Cordice / Blaise Zabini
 --    Dave Legeno / Fenrir Greyback
 --    Freddie Stroma / Cormac McLaggen
 --    Anna Shaffer / Romilda Vane
 --    Isabella Laughland / Leanne

Costume Cards (1:24 packs)

C1     Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter (blue zip top)               280
C2     Rupert Grint as Ron Weasley (orange long-sleeve shirt)        360
C3     Emma Watson as Hermione Granger (beige sweater)               280
C4     Tom Felton as Draco Malfoy (cream shirt)                      460
C5     Bonnie Wright as Ginny Weasley (pink robe)                    460
C6     Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter (navy coat)                  280
C7     Evanna Lynch as Luna Lovegood (pink coat)                     490
C8     Elarica Gallacher as the waitress (shirt)                     380
C9     Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter (blue plaid shirt)           330
C10    Emma Watson as Hermione Granger (purple shirt)                360
C11    Isabella Laughland as Leanne (green coat)                     880
C12    Georgina Leonidas as Katie Bell (red coat)                    530
C13    Evanna Lynch as Luna Lovegood (gray sweater)                  450
C14    Freddie Stroma as Cormac McLaggen (beige jacket)              580

Prop Cards (1:80 packs)

P1     Pointing Hand from Weasley's Wizard Wheezes                   300
P2     Glasses and Bottles from Slughorn's Christmas Party           130
P3     Ron's Hospital Bed Sheets                                     190
P4     Potion Bottles from Slughorn's Classroom                      120
P5     Quidditch Flags and Poles                                     280
P6     Table Cloth from Slughorn's Christmas Party                   290
P7     Framed Pictures from Slughorn's House                         130
P8     Seamus Finnegan's Cauldron                                    180
P9     Potion Mixing Sticks                                          130
P10    Bellatrix Lestrange Wanted Poster                             230
P11    Amycus Carrow Wanted Poster                                   240
P12    Alecto Carrow Wanted Poster                                   240

Cinema Film Cards (1:80 packs)

CFC1   (another Seamus explosion)                                    247
CFC2   (Quidditch flying)                                            247
CFC3   (disturbed Draco)                                             247
CFC4   (Aragog belly-up)                                             247
CFC5   (Harry with papers)                                           247
CFC6   (Luna Lovegood in spectraspecs)                               247
CFC7   (trio)                                                        247
CFC8   (Harry in Nocturne Alley)                                     247
CFC9   (Slughorn in cap and gown)                                    247

Box-Topper Wood Cards

BT1    Severus Snape
BT2    Albus Dumbledore
BT3    Rubeus Hagrid
BT4    Minerva McGonagall

Case-Topper Wide Motion Cards

CT1    (Bellatrix in burning field)
CT2    (to coast on crashing waves)
CT3    (another Seamus explosion)

Multi-Case-Purchase Incentive Cards

Ci1    Emma Watson as Hermione Granger (purple shirt) [2 cases]      330
Ci2    Dishes from the Slytherin Table (prop) [5 cases]              180
Ci3    Luna Lovegood's glasses [10 cases]                            110
Ci4    Memory Vial (prop) [25 cases]                                  80
 --    Elarica Gallacher as Waitress (autograph) [3 cases, bonus]

Card Album (sold separately)

 --    (binder)


 P1    (Harry and Slughorn)
 P2    (Dumbledore across water)
 P3    (trio)
 P4    (Unbreakable Vow)
 P5    (London bridges)

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©2009 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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