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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 Album Stickers
Panini - 2010

Notes:  I offer mild apologies for sticker sets that don't have titles when I can't give
a full description of the scenes. At least this can be used as a checklist ...  Stickers and 
albums were made in seven languages. Alternate titles are Harry Potter il Doni della 
Morte Parte 1, Harry Potter und die Heiligtümer des Todes Teil 1, Harry Potter ve 
Ölüm Yadigárlari Bölüm 1, Harry Potter en de Relieken van de Dood Deel 1, Harry 
Potter y las Reliquias de la Muerte Parte 1, and Harry Potter e os Talismàs Da Morte 
Parte 1. Further information and scans are posted at the Panini website.

Box: 50 packs of 5 stickers.
Common sets (238): approx. 1.05 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Scene                                          Border/Format

  1   Harry squatting with wand                      Silver Foil
  2   Hermione in pink in bedroom                    red
  3   Hermione left profile in pink                  purple
  4   Hermione aiming wand with scarf                Silver Foil
  6   Ron explains Muggle device to Arthur           red
  7   Bellatrix plots                                purple
 10   Snape walks the hall                           red
 12   Snape sits at Council                          red
 13   Narcissa and Bellatrix                         red
 14   Lucius head shot                               purple
 17   Draco standing with wand                       Silver Foil
 18   Snape and Death Eater                          purple
 19   Draco confident                                red
 20   Dark Council meets                             red
 22   Wormtail on green                              purple
 23   Voldemort casts blue                           red
 26   Dark Council listens                           red
 27   Draco decides                                  red
 28   Harry launches Hedwig                          red
 30   Hagrid and hog                                 red
 31   Hagrid with sidecar Harry                      red
 35   Harry ponders                                  red
 36   Deli Death Eater prepares                      red
 37   Ron on green background                        red
 39   Watched on the snowy street                    red
 40   Harry starts a beard                           purple
 41   Harry looks                                    red
 42   Bathilda peers out window                      red
 43   Hermione and Harry with Bathilda               red
 44   Bathilda Bagshot                               purple
 45   Hermione sits in cap                           red
 46   Harry lights the attic                         red
 47   Harry lies in junk                             red
 48   Harry looks, again                             red
 49   Bathilda talks                                 red
 50   Harry sneaks a peek                            red
 52   Harry ponders                                  red
 53   Tree, Hermione, Ron                            purple
 54   Tree, Harry                                    purple
 55   Trees, Hermione running                        red
 56   Hermione scaling log                           red
 57   Hermione past the log                          red
 58   Harry and Ron creeping                         red
 60   Harry running through brush                    purple
 61   Ron running through brush                      purple
 62   Scabior running                                red
 63   The Snatchers pursue                           red
 65   Scabior portrait                               purple
 66   Ron running through thicket                    red
 67   Harry running through trees                    red
 68   Hermione running through clearing              red
 70   Harry jumps the log                            red
 72   Snatchers show Ron to Fenrir                   red
 73   Snatchers confer [left]                        red
 74   Snatchers confer [right]                       red
 75   Snatchers hassle Ron                           red
 76   Snatchers hassle Hermione                      red
 77   Scabior examines Hermione [left]               red
 78   Scabior examines Hermione [right]              red
 79   Scabior sniffs Hermione                        red
 80   Snatcher portrait                              purple
 81   Scabior                                        red
 82   Hooded Snatcher                                red
 83   Zipper Hooded Snatcher                         red
 84   Snatchers hassle Harry                         red
 85   Scabior inspects puffy Harry [left]            red
 86   Scabior inspects puffy Harry [right]           red
 87   Is it really Harry?                            red
 88   Lupin interrogates Harry                       purple
 89   Harry in jacket                                red
 93   Hagrid, Charlie, Fleur, Shacklebolt [left]     red
 94   Hagrid, Charlie, Fleur, Shacklebolt [right]    red
 95   Fleur peering left                             red
 96   Fred and George collage                        red
 97   Harry wondering in kitchen                     purple
100   Ginny in gray                                  Silver Foil
101   Harry on stair                                 red
102   Ron portrait                                   purple
103   Ron and Ginny                                  red
104   Hermione at mirror                             red
105   Harry enjoys festivities                       red
107   Bill peers through                             red
108   Harry consoled by older wizard                 red
109   Guy                                            red
111   Another guy                                    red
112   Luna in gold                                   red
113   Lupin wrestles Harry away                      red
114   Xenophilius Lovegood                           red
115   Gregorovitch                                   Silver Foil
116   Harry at snowy tent                            purple
118   Hermione clears snow from grave                purple
119   The Peverell grave                             purple
121   Hermione among headstones                      purple
122   Harry and Hermione at James and Lily grave     purple
123   James and Lily headstone                       purple
124   Xenophilius at doorway                         red
125   Trio meets Xenophilius at door                 red
126   Xenophilius peers out                          purple
128   Xenophilius recounts                           purple
129   Showing the Quibbler presses                   red
130   Xenophilius thinks                             Silver Foil
131   Xenophilius draws                              red
132   Xenophilius explains symbols                   red
133   Xenophilius panics                             red
134   Trio enters doorway                            red
137   Trio grabs some sleep                          red
138   Harry nestles in sofa                          purple
139   Harry climbs stairs                            red
140   Harry sheds some light                         red
141   Harry reads letter                             red
142   Harry explores bedroom                         red
144   Ron checks in                                  red
145   Ron looks up stairs                            purple
146   Viewing Regulus' room                          red
148   Mundungus schemes                              red
149   Mundungus in the street                        purple
150   Trio looks out window                          red
151   Trio consults                                  red
153   Dobby portrait                                 Silver Foil
154   Ron looks around corner                        red
155   Mafalda, Runcorn, Cattermore via polyjuice     red
156   Runcorn and Cattermore                         red
157   Umbridge collage                               red
158   Harry under tower                              purple
160   Ron and Hermione at tent                       purple
162   Harry in aqueduct                              purple
163   Handhold                                       purple
164   Hermione searches                              Silver Foil
165   Hermione wearing locket                        purple
166   Locket in the grass                            red
167   Harry huddles in dark                          red
168   Harry leaves the tent                          red
169   Harry ponders the shard                        red
170   Harry plans at the tree                        red
171   Ron peers                                      purple
172   Harry on point                                 red
173   Hermione leaves tent                           red
174   Harry watches at tree                          red
175   Hermione and Harry in grey                     red
177   Hermione ponders her scratch                   red
178   Smiling Ron returns                            red
179   Hermione and Harry somber                      red
180   Hermione crosses arms                          red
181   Ron dangles locket                             Silver Foil
183   Hermione wields rucksack                       red
184   Harry observes                                 red
185   Ron apologetic                                 red
186   Hermione aims rucksack again                   red
187   Hermione shoulder shot                         Silver Foil
188   Hermione in purple                             Silver Foil
189   Hermione portrait with scarf                   purple
190   Ron listens to radio                           red
191   Ron head shot                                  Silver Foil
193   Ron and Hermione make up [left]
194   Ron and Hermione make up [right]               red
195                                                  red
197   Fenrir Greyback                                Silver Foil
198   Hermione outside tent                          red
199   Scabior and Hermione                           red
200   Scabior and Hermione [left]                    red
201   Scabior and Hermione [right]                   red
202   Hermione and Harry walk                        red
203   Harry portrait                                 Silver Foil
204   Hermione and Harry at table                    red
205   Harry outside tent                             red
206   Harry sitting on rocks                         Silver Foil
207   Harry at tent near lake                        red
208   Harry walking at lake                          purple
209   Ron at edge of lake                            red
210   Hermione at edge of lake                       red
211   Harry ponders shard                            red
212   Harry unfocused                                Silver Foil
213   Hermione cooks, Harry reads                    red
214   Hermione and Harry dine                        red
215   Ron thinks                                     red
217   Hermione reacts                                red
218   Hermione reads                                 red
219   Harry pleads to Hermione                       red
221   Hermione reads at snowy tree                   red
222   Hermione reads                                 Silver Foil
223   Harry reads with Hermione                      red
224   Hermione reads closeup                         purple
225   Harry levitates snitch                         Silver Foil
226   Hermione portrait                              purple
227   Ron portrait                                   purple

Lenticular Stickers

x1    Harry chasing Golden Snitch
x2    Fawkes immolating
x3    Weasley flying car
x4    Harry flying Buckbeak
x6    The Dragon Challenge
x8    Harry vs. dementors in tunnel

Sticker Album (sold separately)

--    (album)

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©2011 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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