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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1
Playing Cards

    No.       Scene

  A Spades    Lord Voldmort (sneering)
  2 Spades    Hogwarts Express
  3 Spades    Remus Lupin (as wolf howling)
  4 Spades    Severus Snape
  5 Spades    Bathilda Bagshot
  6 Spades    Lord Voldemort (tongue out)
  7 Spades    Fenrir Greyback (in woods)
  8 Spades    Hermione Granger (arms crossed)
  9 Spades    Draco Malfoy (turtleneck and jacket)
 10 Spades    Harry Potter (gray sweater, maroon tee)
  J Spades    Trio (at doorway)
  Q Spades    Bellatrix Lestrange
  K Spades    Harry Potter (gray sweater)

  A Hearts    Harry Potter (walking with Lumos)
  2 Hearts    Gregorovitch
  3 Hearts    Luna Lovegood (hair down)
  4 Hearts    Hermione Granger (sitting, long scarf)
  5 Hearts    Ron Weasley (portrait)
  6 Hearts    Slytherin Locket
  7 Hearts    Dobby the House-Elf
  8 Hearts    Harry Potter (dark gray jacket in woods)
  9 Hearts    Hermione Granger (pink sweater, gray top)
 10 Hearts    Hermione and Harry (outdoors)
  J Hearts    Mad-Eye Moody
  Q Hearts    Hermione Granger (beige top with Locket)
  K Hearts    Ron Weasley (on couch, arm in sling)

 A Diamonds   Harry Potter (charcoal sweater)
 2 Diamonds   Hedwig
 3 Diamonds   Narcissa Malfoy
 4 Diamonds   Hogwarts (at night)
 5 Diamonds   Ginny Weasley
 6 Diamonds   Harry Potter (brown striped shirt)
 7 Diamonds   Hermione Granger (lt. gray sweater, hair down)
 8 Diamonds   Rubeus Hagrid
 9 Diamonds   Lord Voldemort (growling in blue)
10 Diamonds   Fenrir Greyback (laughing with Death Eater)
 J Diamonds   Ron and Hermione
 Q Diamonds   Luna Lovegood (Quibbler and SpectraSpecs)
 K Diamonds   Lord Voldemort (sitting, dark blue robes)

  A Clubs     Lord Voldemort (casting white light)
  2 Clubs     Xenophilus Lovegood
  3 Clubs     Draco Malfoy (portrait)
  4 Clubs     Neville Chamberlain
  5 Clubs     Searcher
  6 Clubs     Hermione Granger (reading in wilderness)
  7 Clubs     Tonks and Lupin
  8 Clubs     Hermione and Ron
  9 Clubs     Severus Snape (casting)
 10 Clubs     Hermione and Harry (indoors)
  J Clubs     Ron Weasley (sitting)
  Q Clubs     Hermione Granger (portrait with scarf)
  K Clubs     Harry Potter (standing with Lumos)

   Joker      Buckbeak
   Joker      Hungarian Horntail
   Joker      Cornish Pixie

    --        (storage box)

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