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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2
Album Stickers
   Panini - 2011

Note: Each sticker back shows the film title in one of nine languages, which (also 
with Russian) are used for the ten wrapper types.

Box: 50 packs of 5 stickers.
Common sets: approx. 1.10 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Scene                                         Sticker type

 1    Elder Wand                                    red
 2    Elder Wand over lips                          red
 3    sinister eye                                  mirror foil
 4    Hermione directing
 5    sinister teeth                                mirror foil
 6    Fenric captures Hermione and Ron
 7    Harry and Hermione at rockyshore
 8    Harry at rocky shore
 9    Harry and Hermione stand before woods
10    Harry and Hermione run through woods
11    Searchers check tent                          mirror foil
12    Trio running (poster) (top)                   mirror foil
13    Trio running (poster) (bottom)                mirror foil
14    Harry face                                    red
15    Malfoy family and Bellatrix
16    Lucius instructs Draco
17    Puffy Harry faces Draco
18    Narcissa chats with Draco
19    Searcher sword                                red
20    Draco watches
21    Bellatrix confronts
22    Lucius and Bellatrix at bars                  mirror foil
23    Griphook in basement cell                     red
24    Ron and Harry ponder cell bars
25    Ron wields deluminator
26    Xenophilus and Luna
27    Luna Lovegood bruised
28    ?                                             mirror foil
29    Ron in plaid looks left
30    Harry casts white flames
31    Ron bruised
32    Hermione and Ron in alley polyjuiced
33    Ron polyjuiced as Death Eater
34    Gringotts lobby
35    Gringotts montage (top)
36    Ron and Hermione polyjuiced
37    Gringotts montage (bottom)
38    Bellatrix' vault
39    dragon head                                   red
40    Cho and Trelawney
41    student
42    Hogwarts montage
43    Arthur and Ginny                              red
44    Hogwarts in flames
45    Molly                                         red
46    student
47    Filch with lantern
48    Harry casting / red figure
49    Mrs. Figg, Flitwick, Slughorn
50    student                                       red
51    student                                       red
52    Harry standing montage
53    Harry casting montage
54    Harry examining
55    Aberforth (top)
56    Aberforth (bottom)
57    Trio at Aberforth's
58    Hermione and Harry look
59    Harry looks left
60    Neville arrives in tunnel
61    Neville in sweater
62    Neville greets Trio
63    Through tunnel with Lumos
64    Building barrier around Hogwarts
65    spell caster                                  red
66    Bellatrix bug-eyed
67    Bellatrix (top)                               mirror foil
68    Bellatrix (bottom)                            mirror foil
69    Voldemort assembles Death Eaters
70    Ron hugs and comforts Hermione
71    Trio with Griphook
72    Narcissa aims wand
73    Ron with concern
74    Ron ready to cast
75    Kreacher
76    Bellatrix laughs
77    Harry in pain with light
78    ?                                             mirror foil
79    ?                                             mirror foil
80    Hermione and Ron startled (portrait)
81    Lips of Bellatrix                             mirror foil
82    Kreacher performs spell
83    Fleur and Bill
84    Ollivander inspects wand
85    Luna with mobile
86    Here Lies Dobby
87    Harry in long grass                           red
88    Luna in dunes
89    Harry pays respect to Dobby
90    Hermione as Bellatrix with Griphook
91    Harry with polyjuiced Ron and Hermione
92    Griphook bargains                             red
93    Ron as Death Eater
94    Trios clasp hands
95    Griphook joins hand-clasp
96    Griphook fingers wand
97    Magic is Might (left)
98    Magic is Might (right)
99    Ministry muggle sculpture                     red
100   Harry faces crowd
101   Ministry staff in lobby
102   Captured muggle sympathizer
103   Scrimegeour
104   Harry reads Prophet
105   Ginny and Harry nearly kiss
106   Trio's backs in glare
107   Undesirable No. 1 posters
108   Trio distressed
109   Trio outdoors looking right
110   Undesirable poster on lamp post
111   Draco montage
112   Draco (portrait)                              red
113   Draco and Slytherin House
114   Gryffindor student
115   Harry for Hogwarts
116   student
117   Neville for Hogwarts
118   Neville wields Sword
119   Neville bruised and sitting
120   Lune bruised and sitting
121   Harry and Hallows montage (left)
122   Harry and Hallows montage (right)
123   Ron raises Sword
124   Harry destroys Tiara
125   Fallen books in library
126   Harry picks up tiara
127   Goyle and Draco
128   eye (Hermione)                                mirror foil
129   Hermione in gray sweater
130   Hermione and Ron in culvert
131   Ron and Hermione study map
132   Hermione and Ron at wedding                   red
133   Scrimegeour addresses Trio
134   Aberforth defending
135   The Tales of Beedle the Bard
136   Harry and Hermione with books in tent
137   Hermione and Ron in trees                     mirror foil
138   Gregorovitch defends
139   ?                                             mirror foil
140   Voldemort leans
141   Dumbledore faces Voldemort
142   Voldemort reacts                              red
143   brown eye                                     mirror foil
144   Snape (top)                                   mirror foil
145   Snape (bottom)                                mirror foil
146   Snape in hedges
147   Meeting at Malfoy Manor (left)
148   Meeting at Malfoy Manor (right)
149   Voldemort in chair
150   Malfoy Manor from above                       red
151   Snape before fence
152   Harry in jacket
153   Harry on steps with crossed arms              red
154   Trio in surf
155   following Griphook in surf
156   Bill's scars
157   Cottage on the beach
158   Hermione and Ron concerned on beach
159   Ron comforts Hermione's ear                   red
160   Bill sits                                     red
161   Griphook walks on sand
162   green eye                                     mirror foil
163   Bill with hands in pockets
164   Hermione sobs with Ron
165   Kreacher and Trio montage
166   Harry drives motorcycle
167   six Harrys
168   Hermione and Molly react
169   Hermione in red, Harry in blue                mirror foil
170   Harry stands at wedding reception
171   Lupin advises
172   Trio in city streets
173   Trio in diner
174   Death Eaters conjur Dark Mark
175   Ron and Harry learn from Xenophilus
176   Harry reaches for wand over floor
177   Trio in Ministry elevator
178   Harry stricken on wood chips
179   Harry wields wand in elevator
180   Hermione alarmed in woods in brown            red
181   Hermione untransformed in Bellatrix suit
182   Harry and Voldemort montage
183   Harry and Dumbledore                          red
184   Harry's cheeks squeezed                       red
185   Arthur defends
186   Molly takes revenge
187   Bellatrix subdued
188   McGonagall attacks
189   ?                                             mirror foil
190   Harry in rubble
191   Harry's cheeks squeezed by Voldemort
192   eye (Harry)                                   mirror foil
193   wand battle (left)                            mirror foil
194   wand battle (right)                           mirror foil

X1    Harry (top)                                   mirror foil
X2    Harry (bottom)                                mirror foil
X3    Voldemort (top)                               mirror foil
X4    Voldemort (bottom)                            mirror foil
X5    ?                                             mirror foil
X6    Ron and Hermione (Year 1)                     mirror foil
X7    Hermione, Ron, Snape                          red
X8    ?                                             mirror foil
X9    ?                                             mirror foil
X10   Dobby                                         red
X11   Hermione: casts for McGonagall                mirror foil
X12   Harry: with Hagrid, Dumbledore, Dobby         mirror foil
X13   Hagrid, Trelawney, Lupin                      mirror foil
X14   Sirius Black                                  red
X15   Trio on the hill                              mirror foil
X16   Dumbledore and McGonagall                     mirror foil
X17   Ice on window                                 red
X18   Trio with Goblet contestants                  mirror foil
X19   Rubeus Hagrid                                 red
X20   Ron's Ball robes                              mirror foil
X21   ?                                             mirror foil
X22   Harry with Prophesy                           mirror foil
X23   Dolores Umbridge                              red
X24   Voldemort casts                               mirror foil
X25   Sirius casts                                  mirror foil
X26   Albus Dumbledore                              red
X27   Ron and Hermione flying                       mirror foil
X28   ?                                             mirror foil
X29   Luna with glasses                             mirror foil
X30   Hogwarts burning                              fdc
X31   Ron (top)                                     mirror foil
X32   Ron (bottom)                                  mirror foil
X33   ?                                             mirror foil
X34   ?                                             mirror foil


      Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows          Harry
      Harry Potter y las Reliquias de la Muerte     Harry
      Harry Potter i Insygnia Smierci               Harry
      Harry Potter et les Reliques de la Mort       Hermione
      Harry Potter e de Talismas Da Morte           Hermione
      Harry Potter ei Doni della Morte              Ron
      Harry Potter ye Ölüm Yadigƒrlari         Ron
      Harry Potter en de Relieken van de Dood       Voldemort
      Harry Potter und die Heiligtümer des Todes    Voldemort
      Гарри Поттер и ДарЫ Смерти                    Voldemort

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