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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
   Artbox Entertainment - 2005

Notes: Numbers signed for autographs were not divulged by the manufacturer; 
estimates below are projected from case and box breakdowns. Thanks much to 
the denizens of the Yak Shack and Katrina Andrews for info and updates!

Hobby Box: 24 packs of 8 cards. 10 boxes/case, 6000 boxes total.
Common sets (90): approx. 2.01 per box if collation were perfect.
Retail Box: 24 packs of 8 cards. Approximately 2.08 sets per box.
Retail Gravity Box: 36 packs of 8 cards.

    No.    Title

     01    Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
     02    Harry Potter
     03    Ron Weasley
     04    Hermione Granger
     05    Viktor Krum
     06    Cedric Diggory
     07    Fleur Delacour
     08    Cho Chang
     09    Albus Dumbledore
     10    Mad-Eye Moody
     11    Barty Crouch Jr
     12    Rita Skeeter
     13    Madame Maxime
     14    Minerva McGonagall
     15    Neville Longbottom
     16    Lucius Malfoy
     17    Severus Snape
     18    Igor Karkaroff
     19    Interesting News
     20    A Manky Old Boot
     21    The Diggorys
     22    I Love Magic
     23    Death Eaters
     24    Get Back To The Portkey!
     25    The Dark Mark
     26    Morsmordre!
     27    A Legendary Event
     28    The Lovely Ladies Of Beauxbatons
     29    The Proud Sons Of Durmstrang
     30    Three Very Dangerous Tasks
     31    A Practical Approach
     32    The Unforgivable Curses
     33    Talented, Isn't She?
     34    The Age Line
     35    Bottoms Up!
     36    A Durmstrang Entry
     37    The Champions
     38    The First Hogwarts Champion
     39    A Fourth Champion
     40    A Binding Magical Contract
     41    I Don't Want Eternal Glory!
     42    Shall We Start With The Youngest?
     43    You Don't Have A Choice!
     44    Amazing...
     45    Ronald Would Like Me To Tell You...
     46    Dragons
     47    My Father And I Have A Bet
     48    Oh No You Don't!
     49    Is That A Student?!
     50    Cheating's A Tradition
     51    Taking Bets
     52    Good Evening, Champions
     53    Last, But Not Least
     54    The First Task
     55    Accio Firebolt!
     56    The Hungarian Horntail
     57    The Golden Egg
     58    She's Done It Again!
     59    Mum's Sent Me A Dress
     60    A Babbling Bumbling Band Of Baboons
     61    Why Do They Have To Travel In Packs?
     62    Wanngoballwime?
     63    The Champions Arrive
     64    Is That Hermione Granger?
     65    The Belle Of The Ball
     66    Take My Waist
     67    She Looks... Beautiful
     68    Not A Bad Place For A Bath
     69    You Could Always Use Gillyweed
     70    The Second Task
     71    Outstanding Moral Fiber
     72    The Pensieve
     73    Karkaroff On Trial
     74    I Have Names, Sir
     75    Hello, Father
     76    Your Memories?
     77    People Change In The Maze
     78    The Third Task
     79    Potter! Duck!
     80    Lost In The Maze
     81    The Triwizard Cup
     82    It's A Portkey
     83    Kill The Spare
     84    Blood Of The Enemy
     85    He's Back
     86    That's My Son!
     87    Come, Potter
     88    Priori Incantatem
     89    A Fierce Friend
     90    Checklist

     --    Collectibles Order Form (pack insert sheet)


Triwizard Prismatic Foil Cards (1:4.8 packs)

     R1    Harry casting spell to right
     R2    Harry casting spell forward
     R3    Harry standing
     R4    Harry riding Firebolt
     R5    Harry jumping
     R6    Harry casting spell half right
     R7    Hungarian Horntail
     R8    Grindylow
     R9    Mermaid

Box-Toppers (Hobby)

    BT1    Dragon
    BT2    Grindylow
    BT3    Durmstrang Ship
    BT4    Dark Mark

Costume Cards (1:24 Hobby packs)

    C1     Harry's First Task costume (400)
    C2     Cedric Diggory (500)
    C3     Fleur's Championship costume (250)
    C4     Viktor Krum's costume (700)
    C5     Viktor Krum's shirt (400)
    C6     Durmstrang students (725)
    C7     Beauxbatons students (800)
    C8     Hermione's trousers (300)
    C9     Neville Longbottom's pajamas (900)
    C10    Fleur's sweater (275)
    C11    Barty Crouch Jr. (800)
    C12    Rita Skeeter (300)
    C13    Death Eater robe (250)
    C14    Karkaroff's Yule Ball costume (800)

Autograph Cards (1:48 Hobby packs)
  Estimated numbers are based on reported case and box breakdowns; 589 boxes
  or 9.8% of the box distribution are included.

     --    <50  Rupert Grint as Ron Weasley (by redemption)
     --    100  Gary Oldman as Sirius Black
     --    150  Shirley Henderson as Moaning Myrtle
     --    150  James Phelps and Oliver Phelps as Fred Weasley and George Weasley
     --    200  Robert Pattinson as Cedric Diggory
     --    250  Stanislav Ianevski as Viktor Krum (by redemption)
     --    250  Miranda Richardson as Rita Skeeter (by redemption)
     --    350  Predrag Bjelacas as Igor Karkaroff
     --    350  Brendan Gleeson as Mad-Eye Moody
     --    350  Jeff Rawle as Amos Diggory
     --    400  Tiana Benjamin as Angelina Johnson
     --    400  Warwick Davis as Professor Flitwick
     --    400  Henry Lloyd-Hughes as Roger Davies
     --    400  Angelica Mandy as Gabrielle Delacour

Prop Cards (1:80 Hobby packs)

    P1     Yule Ball Drapes (275)
    P2     Yule Ball Program (125)
    P3     Yule Ball Poster (105)
    P4     Bulgarian Flag (300)
    P5     Quidditch World Cup Campsite Burnt Tent Material (290)
    P6     Quidditch World Cup Programs (205)
    P7     First Task Tent Material (250)
    P8     The Dark Forces: A Guide to Self-Protection Textbook (75)
    P9     First Task Dragon Selection Sack (125)
    P10    Trial Chamber Paperwork (95)
    P11    First Task Arena Canopy Material (290)
    P12    Gryffindor Banner (265)

Cinema Film Cards (1:80 Hobby packs; 300 each)

   CFC1    Nagini and Barty Crouch Jr.
   CFC2    Mermaid
   CFC3    Dragon breathing fire
   CFC4    Goblet of Fire
   CFC5    Dumbledore and the Penseive
   CFC6    Maze
   CFC7    Harry facing Krum's wand (white light)
   CFC8    Dumbledore at the Third Task
   CFC9    Harry's duel with Dark Lord (orange light)

Lenticular Case-Toppers

     --    Dragon Breathing Fire (250 estimated)
     --    Dragon Chasing Harry (250 estimated)
     --    Graveyard Scene  (100 estimated)

Card Album (sold separately)

     --    (binder)
Promo 03   (Ron & Harry in dress robes; silver foil stamped)
Promo 04   (Harry enters Dumbledore's office; silver foil stamped)

Dealer Incentive Cards

   C1a     Harry Potter First Task costume (374; 2 cases)
   C13a    Death Eater costume (188; 5 cases)
   CIP1    Burnt Tent prop 205, U.K. cases)
   P10a    Trial Chamber Paperwork (317; tin cases)
   P13a    Monolith Trophy (105; 10 cases)
   P14a    Death Eater wand (64; 25 cases)
   TF1     Dumbledore's costume (175; New York incentive)

Tins (4 Retail packs + 1 bonus card)

     --    (tin; 2 different)
     --    (4 Retail packs)
     --    (Bonus Card; image matches tin cover)

Tin Bonus Cards & Tin Designs

     T1    Horntail and Harry
     T2    Harry below Dark Mark

San Diego Comic Con 2009 Exclusive Items

       Exclusive Prop Card (# to 33)

     01    Potter Stinks Button

       Exclusive Letter Patch Sets (1 of 1)

     --    Cedrick Diggory (set of 4, by auction)
     --    Harry Potter (set of 6, by auction)

     --    Hogwarts Patch (set of 4, by auction)

           01/04   Harry Potter's First Task Costume Card [Gryffindor]
           02/04   Harry Potter's First Task Costume Card [Hufflepuff]
           03/04   Harry Potter's First Task Costume Card [Slytherin]
           04/04   Harry Potter's First Task Costume Card [Ravenclaw]

       Exclusive Prop Cards

     01    Potter Stinks Button (# to 33)

       Exclusive Costume Cards

     --    Harry Potter Costume (with rivet; # to 9, by auction)


Silver Foil Stamped

Promo 01   (Fred & George trying to enter tournament; general distribution)
Promo 02   (Harry, Hermione, & Rita Skeeter; general distribution)
Promo 03   (Ron & Harry in dress robes; binder, San Diego Comic Con)
Promo 04   (Harry enters Dumbledore's office; binder, San Diego Comic Con)

  01-04    (gold foil set: binder case incentive)
  01-04    (red foil set; 3 binder cases incentive)
  01-04    (blue foil set; 5 binder cases incentive)
  01-04    (green foil set; New York Toy Fair)

     --    (dealer sell sheet)

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