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Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Filmcardz
Artbox - 2004

Notes:  Thanks much to Mark Hahn for the original list and to scifijoe for 
the update! Further information and scans are posted  at the Artbox website.

Box: 24 packs of 5 cards.
Common sets (72): approx. 1.56 per box if collation were perfect.

   No.    Title

    01    A Visit from Aunt Marge
    02    Aunt Marge Starts on Harry
    03    Aunt Marge Inflates
    04    Floating Into the Sky
    05    Leaving the Dursleys
    06    Something in the Shadows
    07    The Knight Bus Appears
    08    Boarding the Knight Bus
    09    At the Leaky Cauldron
    10    A Chat with Cornelius Fudge
    11    The Monster Book of Monsters
    12    Harry Greets His Friends
    13    Greeted by Ron and Hermione
    14    Learning About Sirius Black
    15    A Dementor Appears
    16    Confronting a Dementor
    17    Return to Hogwarts
    18    Welcoming the Students
    19    The Dementors Surround Hogwarts
    20    You, Boy! Is Your Grandmother Well?
    21    Magical Creatures Class
    22    Hagrid's Class
    23    Draco Taunts Harry
    24    Meeting Buckbeak
    25    A Ride on Buckbeak's Back
    26    Clawed by Buckbeak
    27    Sirius Black Sighted!
    28    Professor Lupin's Class
    29    Teaching 'Riddikulus'
    30    Neville Repels His Boggart
    31    Signed Permission Forms
    32    Permission to Leave Refused
    33    Discussing Harry's Boggart
    34    The Portrait Attacked!
    35    In the Great Hall
    36    Snape's Werewolf Lesson
    37    Draco's New Taunt
    38    The Golden Snitch within Reach
    39    After the Quidditch Match
    40    A Better Way to Get to Hogsmeade?
    41    Near the Shrieking Shack
    42    A Mysterious Attack
    43    A Most Wanted Wizard
    44    Madam Rosmerta's Inquiry
    45    In the Three Broomsticks
    46    The Invisibility Cloak
    47    Lupin's Conjuring Lesson
    48    Producing a Patronus
    49    Peril of the Marauder's Map
    50    Divination: A Very Wooly Discipline
    51    Come to See the Show?
    52    Threatening Draco
    53    A Hasty Retreat from Hagrid's Hut
    54    Hiding Amongst the Pumpkins
    55    The Executioner's Task
    56    Old Friends Sirius and Lupin Reunited
    57    The Truth Revealed
    58    Scabbers Transformed!
    59    How Dare You Speak to Harry!
    60    Pettigrew's Escape
    61    Night of the Werewolf
    62    Attacked by a Werewolf
    63    Dementors at the Black Lake
    64    Hermione Explains the Time-Turner
    65    Rescuing Buckbeak
    66    Dumbledore's Diversion
    67    Has Harry Seen His Dad?
    68    Harry Conjurs a True Patronus
    69    Freeing Sirius Black
    70    A Farewell From Sirius
    71    Leaving the Map Behind
    72    Harry Takes Flight on His New Broom

    --    (promo for Prisoner of Azkaban Update Set; pack insert, blank back)


Rare Metal-Etch FilmCardz (1:5 packs)

    R1    Divination Class
    R2    Do You Possess the Sight?
    R3    Professor Sybill Trelawney
    R4    Care of Magical Creatures Class
    R5    Give 'Im a Pat
    R6    Professor Rubeus Hagrid
    R7    Defense Against the Dark Arts Class
    R8    Riddikulus!
    R9    Professor Remus Lupin

Ultra-Rare FilmCardz (1:8 packs)

   UR1    Aunt Marge Swells With ... Anger?
   UR2    A Monstrous Balloon
   UR3    Uncle Vernon Lets Go
   UR4    A Magnificent Creature
   UR5    Good Man, Harry!
   UR6    A Reckon He Might Let Yeh Ride Him
   UR7    Old Friends Tend to Unfinished Business
   UR8    Pettigrew's Alive
   UR9    Peter Pettigrew Begs For Mercy

Card Album (sold separately; same as First Series regular cards)

 --   (binder)


Promo 1   Aunt Marge Gets Large (San Diego Comic Con)
Promo 2   Harry Meet Buckbeak (San Diego Comic Con)
 --       (dealer sell sheet)

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©2004, 2005, 2006 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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