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The Incredible Hulk (TV)
   Topps - 1979

Notes: Card set based on the CBS television series (1978 - 1982).  The regular card set is 
printed on either grey or white card stock; the grey card stock is much more common, and 
the white stock is likely printed in Canada.  The stickers are numbered but uncaptioned 
and are blank backed. Sticker images are the same as those on cards from the set as indicated 
for each sticker listed. Card backs offer either "TV FACTS" or puzzle pieces. Thanks to 
Mark Statuto for the list!

Box: 36 packs of 7 cards + 1 sticker + 1 stick of gum.
Common sets (88): approx. 2.86 per box if collation were perfect.
Sticker sets (22): approximately 1.64 per box.

 No.   Title                               Card Back

   1   No Power to Save Her!               TV Facts - Kenneth Johnson, executive producer and frequent writer-director...
   2   Experiment: Perilous!               (puzzle piece)
   3   Unearthly Seizure                   (puzzle piece)
   4   Birth of the Beast Man              TV Facts - Bill Bixby, who plays David Banner in TV's exciting science fiction...
   5   This Man...This Monster!            (puzzle piece)
   6   Friend...or Fiend?                  (puzzle piece)
   7   The Hand of Fear                    (puzzle piece)
   8   The Creature's Plan                 (puzzle piece)
   9   The Power of the Brute              (puzzle piece)
  10   To Rescue a Child                   (completed blue border puzzle)
  11   The Make-Shift Bridge               TV Facts - Lou Ferrigno is a former Mr. Universe and runner-up to Arnold...
  12   The Creature...Shot!                TV Facts - Body builder Lou Ferrigno, 27, has developed as an actor during...
  13   Fury of the Hulk                    (puzzle piece)
  14   The Charging Terror                 TV Facts - There's a good reason why the Hulk's appearance varies...
  15   The Monster Strikes!                TV Facts - For years the Incredible Hulk has battled weird monsters and...
  16   In the Clutches of Horror!          TV Facts - Instead of adapting THE INCREDIBLE HULK in typical comic...
  17   The Incredible Man Monster          (puzzle piece)
  18   Prehistoric Mutant                  (puzzle piece)
  19   Portrait of a Monster               (puzzle piece)
  20   Horror in the Woods                 (puzzle piece)
  21   Stirrings Within the Beast          TV Facts - Before shooting begins on THE INCREDIBLE HULK every week...
  22   The Pawn of Destiny                 (puzzle piece)
  23   Monstrous Reflection                (puzzle piece)
  24   Metamorphosis                       (puzzle piece)
  25   Inside the Hyperbaric Chamber       (puzzle piece)
  26   Engine of Destruction               (puzzle piece)
  27   No Walls Can Hold Him!              (puzzle piece)
  28   The Creature is Loose!              (puzzle piece)
  29   Living Nightmare                    (puzzle piece)
  30   The Abomination                     (puzzle piece)
  31   Modified Hulk Make-Up               (puzzle piece)
  32   Back From Beyond                    (puzzle piece)
  33   Ferrigno in Character               (puzzle piece)
  34   Filming the Episode "Married"       (puzzle piece)
  35   The Flame and the Fury              (puzzle piece)
  36   The Inferno                         (puzzle piece)
  37   Death of Dr. Marks                  (puzzle piece)
  38   The Hulk Strikes Back!              (puzzle piece)
  39   Nightmare at the Ranch              (puzzle piece)
  40   Has The Hulk Met His Match?         (puzzle piece)
  41   Battle of the Behemoths             (puzzle piece)
  42   Monster in the Mansion              (puzzle piece)
  43   No Escape From the Brute            (puzzle piece)
  44   A Titan In Times Square             (puzzle piece)
  45   Manhattan Mayhem                    (puzzle piece)
  46   The Beast Bursts Through            (puzzle piece)
  47   The 747 Affair                      TV Facts - Before Lou Ferrigno won the role of the Incredible Hulk, two other...
  48   Stranger at the Door                (puzzle piece)
  49   Face of Fear                        (puzzle piece)
  50   The Dark Journey Back               (puzzle piece)
  51   Bringing in a 747                   (puzzle piece)
  52   "No! It Can't Happen Now!"          (completed blue border puzzle)
  53   Caught in Mid-Transformation!       TV Facts - What exactly is the Hulk? A gamma ray mutation yes...
  54   Banner's Titanic Struggle!          (puzzle piece)
  55   Suppressing the Demon Within Him    (completed greeen border puzzle)
  56   Creature in the Pilot's Seat!       TV Fact - Instead of re-using the same juvenile plots employed by other...
  57   Monster at the Controls             (puzzle piece)
  58   Panic in the Cockpit                (puzzle piece)
  59   The Life-Saving Thrust              (puzzle piece)
  60   Greetings From Our Captain!         (puzzle piece)
  61   Racing Through the Airliner         (puzzle piece)
  62   Stan Lee's Creation...The Hulk      (puzzle piece)
  63   Creature On The Runway!             (puzzle piece)
  64   Nobody Fences In The Hulk!          (puzzle piece)
  65   David Banner Confronts...Himself!   (completed red border puzzle)
  66   Hope Through Hypnotherapy           (puzzle piece)
  67   A Man Possessed                     (completed yellow border puzzle)
  68   The Raging Spirit                   (puzzle piece)
  69   The Humanoid Appears                (puzzle piece)
  70   Tower of Strength                   (puzzle piece)
  71   No Longer Human                     (puzzle piece)
  72   The Captive Creature                (puzzle piece)
  73   The Tranquilizing Gas               (puzzle piece)
  74   The Two Faces of Dr. Banner         (puzzle piece)
  75   Nothing Can Stop The Hulk!          (puzzle piece)
  76    Netting The Hulk                   (puzzle piece)
  77   Sensing Danger                      (puzzle piece)
  78   The Capture                         (puzzle piece)
  79   David Banner's Wedding Day          (puzzle piece)
  80   The Recurring Dream                 (puzzle piece)
  81   The Force Inside Banner             (puzzle piece)
  82   Demon With A Soul                   (puzzle piece)
  83   The Mindless Primitive              (puzzle piece)
  84   Mightiest Creature On Earth         (puzzle piece)
  85   The Monster Within Us All!          (puzzle piece)
  86   Being of Fantastic Proportions      (completed greeen border puzzle)
  87   Victim of Gamma Radiation!          (puzzle piece)
  88   The Eyes of David Banner            (completed yellow border puzzle)


   1   (image from card #31)
   2   (mirror image from card #24)
   3   (mirror image from card #66)
   4   (image from card #38)
   5   (image from card #85)
   6   (image from card #45)
   7   (image from card #19)
   8   (image from card #84)
   9   (image from card #55)
  10   (image from card #15)
  11   (image from card # 5)
  12   (image from card #12)
  13   (image from card #61)
  14   (mirror image from card #17)
  15   (image from card # 6)
  16   (image from card #33)
  17   (image from card #16)
  18   (image from card #44)
  19   (image from card #40)
  20   (image from card #22)
  21   (image from card # 2)
  22   (mirror image from card #83)


Uncut Sheet

 --    (132 card sheet)

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