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Human Freaks and Oddities - Series 1
Mother Productions - 1991

Note:  Originally produced and distributed as a boxed factory set.

No.   Personality                   Condition

  1   Jojo "The Dog-faced Boy"      Hypertricosis
  2   Barbara Michael               Hypertricosis
  3   Eng & Chang                   Siamese Twins
  4   Mary & Margaret Gibb          Siamese Twins
  5   Mary & Arrita                 Siamese Twins
  6   Xiphopages                    Siamese Twins
  7   Legless Alvina Gibbs          Legless
  8   Violette                      Half-Girl
  9   Martin Laurillo               Revolving Head
 10   Josephine - Joseph            Hermaphodite
 11   Giant                         Gigantism
 12   Giant and Giantess            Gigantism
 13   George Auger                  Gigantism
 14   Midgets On Parade             Midgets
 15   Smallest Rugby Team           Midgets
 16   Andrew Crumshaw               Half-Man
 17   Infant Monster                Monster Deformity
 18   Infant Monster                Monster
 19   Microcephalics                Pinheads
 20   Antonio Galindo               Medical Oddity
 21   Prince Randian                Human Torso
 22   Francisco Lentini             Three-Legged Man
 23   Myrtle Corbin                 Four-Legged Woman
 24   Ethel Granger                 Smallest Waist
 25   Leslie Bowells                Acromegalic Giant
 26   Obese Curiosity               Obesity
 27   Lucy Elvira Jones             Double-Jointed
 28   Turtle Woman                  Double Jointed
 29   Grace McDaniels               Homliest Woman
 30   Lucasie Family                Albinism
 31   Victoria and Sadie Williams   Partial Albinism
 32   Jaqueline and Jack            Freckle Faces
 33   Bella Carter                  Half Human, Half Animal
 34   Jack Wilcox                   Longest Whiskers
 35   Susi                          Elephant Skinned
 36   John Williams                 Alligator Skinned
 37   Agnes C. Schmidt              Rubber Skinned
 38   Etta Lake                     Elastic Skinned
 39   Unidentified Woman            Breast Anomilies
 40   Margarete Clark               Parasitic Monster
 41   Ubangi Woman                  Plate-Lipped Woman
 42   Captain Ringman Jack          Man-Made Freaks

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