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Human Freaks and Oddities - Series III
Mother Productions - 1992

Note:  Originally produced and distributed as a boxed factory set.

No.   Personality                   Condition

  1   William Z. Flickling          Sensitive Skin
  2   Arthur Loos                   Rubber Skinned
  3   Colon T. Updike               Horse Tailed Man
  4   "Waldo the Great"             Swallow Live Mice
  5   John H. Williams              Alligator Skinned Man
  6   Philippine                    Human with Tail
  7   Alex Linton                   Sword Swallower
  8   "Mortado"                     The Human Fountain
  9   Sideshow group                Sideshow Photo
 10   Sideshow group                Sideshow Photo
 11   "Slitzy"                      Microcephaly Pinhead
 12   Albert - Alberta Karas        Morphedites
 13   Walters                       "Blue Man"
 14   Johanna                       Double-Jointed
 15   Fat Woman                     Obesity
 16   Robert Earl Hughes            Obesity
 17   Frinnizzee Concipplo          Un buried Corspe
 18   Frances O'Conner              Armless
 19   Unidentified Man              Outside Abdomin
 20   One head two bodies           Siamese Twins
 21   Craniopages                   Siamese Twins
 22   Fanny Mills                   Giant Feet
 23   Avilla T. Camerlin            Six Toed Man
 24   Johnny Eck                    Half-Man
 25   "Josephine Pearl"             Three Legged
 26   Smallest Fat Lady             Obesity
 27   Charlie                       Big Mouth
 28   Ubangi Women                  Big Lipped
 29   Otis Jordan                   Ossified Body
 30   Esther Blackman               Alligator Skin
 31   Monster baby                  Deformed Infant
 32   Major Fox                     Deformed Midget
 33   A group of human oddities     Sideshow Photo
 34   Chief Pantugal                Hypnotist
 35   Grady Stiles                  Lobseter's Claws
 36   Tattooed woman                Tattooed Woman
 37   Hilton sisters                Siamese Twins
 38   The 1932 movie                The Movie "Freaks"
 39   Harry & Evelyn McGregory      Eyelash Pull
 40   Thelma Ward                   Spotted Girl
 41   Robert Wadlow                 Gigantism
 42   "Lionel, Lion-Man"            Hypertricosis

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