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Human Freaks and Oddities - Series IV
   Mother Productions - 1992

Notes: The 2-3/4" x 3-3/4", unnumbered cards were released as a boxed set. Fronts 
have black-and-white photos, while backs have descriptive text. Creator: Roger 
Worsham; Writers: Zack Umagat and Roger Worsham; Cover Art: Don Bishop.

    Title                          Card Text

    Mother Productions             [cover card]
    Human Freaks & Oddities        [Credits]

    "The Two-Headed Boy"
    "Two-Headed Nightingale"
    "Lobster Boy"
    "30 LBS Of Baby ?"
    "Spider Boy"
    "Troupe Of Midgets"
    Mother & Daughter Act
    Siamese Twins                  The term "Siamese twin" is used to designate any c
    "Hunchbacked Skeleton"
    Sideshow                       Slim Kelly was a well known side show owner and op
    "Sideshow"                     Side Show freaks on the "bally". The "bally-hoo",
    "Big Feet"
    Midget Villages
    "Exgtraordinary Fingernails"
    "The Feejee Island Mermaid"
    Siamese Twins                  These Siamese twins, born in the Phillipines, did
    "Dainty Dotty"
    "The Elephant Skin Girl"
    "The Half-man Half-women"
    "Living Skeleton"
    "Tattooed Lady"
    "Margie The Dwarf"
    "Three Billiard Ball Charlie"
    "Alligator Skinned Man"
    "Modern Primitive"
    "Happy Jack"
    "The Three Del Rios"
    "Wild Dancing Bushman"
    "Ubangi Savages"
    "The Headless Girl Illusion"
    "The Man With Two Bodies"
    "The Largest Mouth"
    "Darwin's Missing Link"
    "The Viking Giant"
    "The Legless Acrobat"
    "Four Legged Girl"

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