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Human Freaks and Oddities - Series 2
Mother Productions - 1991

Note:  Originally produced and distributed as a boxed factory set.

No.   Title                         Description

  1   Infant Monster                Deformity
  2   Ossification                  "Serpentina"
  3   Ossified Man                  Maurice
  4   "The Seal - Man"              An Italian show artist
  5   Armless and legless bikers    Charles Trippe & Eli Bowen
  6   "Pony Boy - Frog Man"         Carl Norwood
  7   "Rubber Skinned"              Miss Agnes Schmidt
  8   "Aligator Skinned"            "Toney"
  9   Siamese Twins                 Mary and Margarett Gibb
 10   Gigantism                     Mrs. Dolores Johnson
 11   "Frog Boy"                    "Flip"
 12   Midget                        Peter Moore
 13   "Armless Wonder"              Frances O'conner
 14   "Man Made Freak"              B.A. Bryant
 15   "Human Blockhead"             Leo Konges
 16   Deformity                     Unknown child
 17   "Big Fingered"                Joe
 18   "Anatonical Wonder"           Melvin Burkhardt
 19   Dwarf                         Princess Wee Wee
 20   Contortionist                 "Popeye"
 21   Doubled Headed                Pasqual Pinon
 22   Conjoined Twins               The Tocci Brothers
 23   Hypertricosis                 Bearded Lady
 24   "Chinless Man"                David Hoag
 25   Siamese Twins                 The Hilton Sisters
 26   Hypertricosis                 "Lionel, Lion-Man"
 27   Gigantism                     Robert Wadlow
 28   Human Skeleton                "Shadow Man"
 29   Conjoined Woman               Anna Belle Grey
 30   Missing Link                  Krao Farini
 31   Albino                        "Unzie"
 32   Obesity                       Unidentified Heavy Girl
 33   Three-Legged-Man              Francisco Lentini
 34   Albinism                      Annie L. Roy
 35   Hermaphrodite                 Freida - Fred Van
 36   "Sheep - Headed - Men"        "Eko and Iko"
 37   Conjoined Twins               Daniel and Donald
 38   Obesity                       Ed M. Baum
 39   Parasitic Twin                Betty Lou Williams
 40   Elastic Skin                  Unidentified Man
 41   Wild Woman                    Unidentified woman
 42   Dwarfism                      Unidentified man and girl

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 --   Mother Productions            (Copyright card)

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