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The Hunchback of Notre Dame - Album Stickers
Panini - 1996

Note:  The "lettered" sticker subset is often included with the basic sticker set.

Box: 100 packs of 6 stickers.
Numbered sets (66): approx. 7.03 per box if collation were perfect.
Lettered sets (22): approximately 6.18 per box.

No.   Scene

 1    Frollo rides
 2    Esmeralda hides
 3    Frollo reigns in
 4    From the bell tower
 5    Finding the bird
 6    Releasing the bird
 7    Dining with Frollo
 8    Frollo's goblet
 9    Depending on Frollo
10    Frollo's models
11    Aerial tower view
12    Dancing with gargoyles
13    Gargoyle hugs
14    Water slide
15    King of the tower?
16    From the balcony
17    Rope swinging
18    Festival review stand
19    Two-reared Fool horse
20    Excluded
21    Consoling
22    Esmeralda
23    Applause
24    Phoebus enters
25    Clopin conspires
26    Esmeralda and Quasimodo
27    Esmeralda dances
28    Hugo
29    Rabbit dance
30    Frollo's throne
31    Crowning the King
32    Bloody Fool
33    Tying him up
34    Cutting him free
35    Arrest Esmeralda!
36    Esmeralda and Djali
37    Running from crowd
38    Empty cathedral
39    Esmeralda and Phoebus
40    Wielding the sword
41    Pleading to Frollo
42    Quasimodo and Esmeralda
43    Holding hands
44    Wild battle
45    Holding the icon
46    Making escapes
47    Searching the city
48    Phoebus and flames
49    Back to back
50    Mounting the steed
51    Reunited
52    Tending to Phoebus
53    Quasimodo and Phoebus
54    Frollo and Es doll
55    Skeletal warriors
56    Three protagonists
57    Quasimodo captured
58    Esmeralda staked
59    Quasimodo chained
60    Carrying Esmeralda
61    Climbing the ladders
62    Victor
63    Knife fight
64    Balcony sword attack
65    Hanging out with Esmeralda
66    Victory congratulations

Festival of Fools Subset

 A    The City
 B    Vending wagon
 C    Amazed populace
 D    Gypsy group
 E    Climbing the flags
 F    Crowd celebration
 G    Ridiculing Quasimodo
 H    Fools parade
 I    Clopin
 J    Confetti release
 K    Confetti everywhere
 L    Cannonball dive
 M    Cannonball landing
 N    Fish float
 O    Dogs walking people
 P    Cook's lobster cauldron
 Q    Red-faced Fool
 R    Yellow-faced Fool
 S    Circle dance
 T    Feather and box dance
 U    The King of Fools
 V    The King and Clopin

©2000, 2003 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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