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The Hunger Games
    NECA - 2012

Notes: Additional related cards may be found in crossover collections because NECA 
holds a variety of merchandising licenses. Thanks much to Steve Kitsberg for WalMart 

Box: 24 packs of 6 cards.
Common sets: approx. 2.00 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Title

  1   The Hunger Games

   Character Cards

  2   Katniss Everdeen
  3   Peeta Mellark
  4   Gale Hawthorne
  5   Cinna
  6   Haymitch Abernathy
  7   Marvel
  8   Caesar Flickerman
  9   Cato
 10   Rue
 11   President Snow
 12   Clove
 13   Primrose Everdeen
 14   Glimmer
 15   Seneca Crane
 16   Foxface
 17   Thresh
 18   Mrs. Everdeen

   Movie Cards

 19   Katniss Everdeen [puzzled in black hoodie]
 20   Katniss & Gale [looking up]
 21   Katniss Everdeen [drawing wood hunting bow]
 22   Katniss Everdeen [walking along fence)
 23   Gale Hawthorne [sitting in field]
 24   Katniss & Primrose [foreheads together]
 25   Katniss Everdeen [in Reaping crowd]
 26   Primrose Everdeen [white in line]
 27   Katniss Everdeen  [shooting metal bow]
 28   The Reaping
 29   Katniss & Gale [communing in field]
 30   Mrs. Everdeen [in Reaping crowd]
 31   Primrose Everdeen [selected]
 32   Haymitch & Katniss [holding shoulders]
 33   Effie Trinket [wielding fan]
 34   Haymitch Abernathy [in white chair]
 35   Gale Hawthorne [smiling in gray]
 36   Katniss & Cinna [foreheads together]
 37   Caesar Flickerman [smiling and sitting]
 38   Foxface [at interview in teal]
 39   Seneca Crane [at sponsor viewing]
 40   Clove [at interview in orange]
 41   President Snow [speaking from platform]
 42   Caesar & Peeta [handshake]
 43   Tributes
 44   Katniss Everdeen [marched by guards]
 45   Peeta Mellark [applying bark paint]
 46   Katniss Everdeen [standing in uniform]
 47   Rue [hanging with knife]
 48   Seneca Crane [standing in garden]
 49   President Snow [studying paddle screen]
 50   Transport Ship
 51   Katniss Everdeen  [concerned look back]
 52   Thresh [standing in leather]
 53   Peeta Mellark [running with spear]
 54   Cornucopia
 55   Peeta & Katniss [treating wounded leg]
 56   Katniss Everdeen [3-finger salute]
 57   Rue [peeking from tree]
 58   Katniss Everdeen [holding metal bow]
 59   Thresh [grabbing early supplies]
 60   Peeta Mellark [gazing concerned]
 61   Clove [running in leather]
 62   Cato & Glimmer [meeting at tree]

   Poster Cards

 63   The Wor (poster top left)
 64   ld Will Be Wa (poster top middle)
 65   tching (poster top right)
 66   (poster center left)
 67   (poster center)
 68   (poster center right)
 69   HUN (poster bottom left)
 70   (The) GER GA (poster bottom middle)
 71   MES (poster bottom right)
 72   Checklist


CD Bonus Cards (inserted in certain Deluxe Edition soundtrack CDs)

 73   (puzzle top left)
 74   (puzzle top middle)
 75   (puzzle top right)
 76   (puzzle center left)
 77   (puzzle center)
 78   (puzzle center right)
 79   (puzzle bottom left)
 80   (puzzle bottom middle)
 81   (puzzle bottom right)

WalMart Exclusive Cards

   (in 6-card packs distributed at midnight release of CD set)

 82   (Peeta at bridge)
 83   (Katniss on fire)
 84   (walking down tributes corridor)
 85   (Katniss aims bow forward)
 86   (Katniss aims bow right)
 87   (Katniss profile)
 88   (Peeta profile)
 89   (Gale profile)
 90   (Effie profile)
 91   (Haymitch profile)
 92   (Cinna profile)
 93   (Rue profile)
 94   (Cato profile)
 95   (Cornucopia)
 96   (lake)
 97   (stadium)
 98   (reflecting pool)
 99   (tribute chamber)
100   Katniss
101   (tributes corridor)
102   (bridge)
103   (control basin)
104   Peeta
105   Gale

   Autograph Cards (1:50 WalMart Exclusive packs)

A1    Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence)
A2    Peeta Mellark (Josh Hutcherson)
A3    Gale Hawthorne (Liam Hemsworth)
A4    Rue (Amandla Stenberg)
A5    Thresh (Dayo Okenyl)
A6    Foxface (Jaqueline Emerson)
A7    Clove (Isabelle Fuhrman)
A8    Cato (Alexander Ludwig)
A9    Marvel (Jack Quaid)
A10   Glimmer (Leven Rambin)

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