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Hunted Animals
   Planters Nut & Chocolate - 1933

Notes:  Reference number R71. Cards indicate that a series on "Trapped 
Animals" would have been forthcoming.

No.   Title

  1   Zebra
  2   Grizzly Bear
  3   American Buffalo or Bison
  4   Wapiti Deer
  5   Orang-Utan
  6   Wild Boar
  7   Polar Bear
  8   Alligator
  9   Hippopotamus
 10   Musk Ox
 11   Kangaroo
 12   Hyaena
 13   Gorilla
 14   Lion
 15   Puma
 16   Giraffe
 17   Tiger
 18   African Elephant
 19   Elk
 20   Moose
 21   Mountain Sheep
 22   Reindeer
 23   Cape or Black African Buffalo
 24   Leopard
 25   Rhinoceros

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