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Hurricane Andrew
ATM Trading Cards - 1992

Notes:  Reportedly, only 250 copies were produced for sale as a complete set.
A number of 99-card near-complete sets have shown up in the aftermarket. 
Thanks much to Kathy Ridz for the information!

No.   Text / Title

001   Friday August 14, 1992 - A tropical wave formed ov
002   Friday August 21, 1992 - State and county official
003   Sunday August 23, 1992 - Hurricane Andrew packed w
004   Monday August 24, 1992 - In the early morning dark
005   Most hurricans slow down as they move over land, b
006   Monday August 24, 1992 - At sunrise, the first gli
007   The Florida National Guard moved in by midday Mond
008   Tuesday August 25, 1992 - Volunteer help from comm
009   Homestead Air Force Base: The base was in the dire
010   Vernon Scotts home located at 9990 SW 218 Terrace,
011   Florida Power & Light Company. Hurricane Andrew kn
012   The Gold Coast Railroad Museum was located in the
013   Gold Coast Railroad Museum - The original 1905 Pri
014   Gold Coast Railroad Museum - The Railroad Museum w
015   Gold Coast Railroad Museum - Hurricane Andrew tore
016   Gold Coast Railroad Museum - The armor plated Pres
017   Metrozoo - Previously considered one of the top te
018   Metrozoo - Another immediate challenge will be to
019   Monkey Jungle to Reopen Nov. 15 - The distinct uni
020   Research Vessel: The 100 foot Seaward Explorer, br
021   Tamiami Executive Airport resembled a battle field
022   Tamiami Executive Airport. Private owned aircraft
023   Running Wild - Hurricane Andrew blew freedom to ma
024   H.A.A.R.T. (Hurricane Andrew Animal Relief Team.)
025   Shopping Malls and Strip Stores throughout Cutler
026   Hurricane Andrew Relief - 30,000 federal and state
027   An Election like no other. Hurricane Andrew left f
028   Many Historic Buildings in Dade County Destroyed -
029   Florida Pioneer Museum: 826 North Krome Avenue. Th
030   Grandma Newton Is Alive - Locatyed at 40 NW 5th Av
031   Luther Chandler's Home - 16700 S.W. 232 St. The do
032   Defran House: 18050 SW 216 St. Was destroyed in th
033   Redllands School House: S.W. 197 Ave. & S.W. 248 S
034   Charles Deering Estate: Old Cutler Road. This was
035   Busy Phone Lines - Due to the use of underground f
036   Peaches Records & Tapes - The roof and east side w
037   84,000 Flee Dade County - Evacuees stayed with fam
038   Power Was Out - Without power to run air condition
039   Shopping Centers Were Destroned - Bloomingdale's s
040   Flying Metal - Hurricane Andrew tore apart buildin
041   Pleasure Boats Destroyed - Hurricane Andrew wrecke
042   High And Dry - The storm serge left this sail boat
043   A Marine Graveyard - Hurricane Andrew ravaged, Din
044   Agricultural Devastation - Andrew destroyed nearly
045   No Room At The Inn - Construction workers set up c
046   Three Million Tons of Trash - Dade County waived e
047   Hurricane Andrew's random destruction puzzled many
048   Mobile Homes Parks - Andrew's 150 mph winds demoli
049   Faulty Construction - Hurricane Andrew lifted enti
050   Traffic Lights Down - Over 1,500 traffic lights an
051   Hurricane Andrew destroyed shopping centers throug
052   Million Dollar Homes Lost - Andrew had no mercy on
053   Units of the Florida National Guard were posted at
054   Hurricane Andrew survivors had new battles to figh
055   Car Lots Destroyed - Hurricane Andrew hurled new c
056   Floriday City - Winds with gusts estimated to exce
057   Mobile Home Parks - Suffered massive destruction.
058   Hurricane Andrew's Storm Surge - Burger King Headq
059   Hurricane Andrew was the third most powerful hurri
060   Loss of life, 56 people were killed by Hurricane A
061   Hurricane Andrew blew apart homes piece by piece,
062   Andrew Maintains Its Strength - As Hurrican Andrew
063   Hurricane Andrew's 150 mph winds lifted and flippe
064   Temporary Church - Hurricane Andrew destroyed area
065   Official Advisory "Boil Your Water" - The drop in
066   Hurricane Andrew made life simply unbearable in Da
067   Hurricane Andrew blew out solid concrete walls. Th
068   Self Storage Units Destroyed - Hurricane Andrew su
069   The Landmarks Were Gone - Hurricane Andrew's destr
070   this Was No Place For RV's - Hurricane Andrew's wi
071   No Place To Bank - Hurricane Andrew blew apart thi
072   Natures Destructive Art - Hurricane Andrew made la
073   Hurricane Andrew's 150 mph winds ripped off the to
074   Tamiami Executive Airport - This large cargo plane
075   Hurricane Andrew ripped open the protective coveri
076   Construction Workers Wanted! - Demand for building
077   Save The Trees - Hurricane Andrew destroyed thousa
078   Scattered Toys - Hurricane Andrew blew out the sid
079   Tent City was home to approximately 4,000 homeless
080   The Violent Circling Winds - Winds engulfed with t
081   Shopping Centers Destroyed - Hurricane Andrew dest
082   Downed Communications - Hurricane Andrew destroyed
083   "Is That Your Roof?" - Hurricane Andrew tore off r
084   Steel I-Beams Were No Match - Hurricane Andrew's v
085   The Wind Moved Diamonds - Hurricane Andrew's inten
086   Owners Survey Damage - Hurricane Andrew's storm su
087   Local Attractions Devastated - Hurricane Andrew De
088   Homes And Lives Destroyed - Hurricane Andrew's Des
089   Public Parks Destroyed - Hurricane Andrew damaged
090   No Gasoline - The power of the storm was so destru
091   "The American Spirit Lives On" - Hurricane Andrew
092   Temporary Storage For FPL - Florida Power & Light
093   South Florida Coastal Area - Mobility was hampered
094   Delivery Trucks Destroyed - Powerful gusts of wind
095   Temporary Repairs - Hurricane Andrew left home own
096   Trash Piled Up - After Hurricane Andrew, streets w
097   Traffic Backed Up 10 To 20 Miles - Krome Avenue wa
098   The information on these cards was compiled from s
099   All rights reserved. No part of these cards may be
100   A Portion Of The Proceeds Raised by these cards wi

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