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Ice Age
Hero Factory - 2002

Note:  The first eighteen cards make up two 9-card puzzles, and do not show
the card number. The numbers below are taken from the checklist cards. Please
feel free to link your trade lists to this page and refer to the numbers.  Further
information and scans are posted at the Hero Factory website.

Box: 24 packs of 6 cards.
Common sets: approx. 1.92 per box if collation were perfect.

No.    Title / Description                               Puzzle Scene

Ice Puzzle

 (1)   diego
 (2)   traveling heroes
 (3)   manny
 (4)   sid
 (5)   roshan
 (6)   ice age mammal
 (7)   (no title; close-up of saber-toothed tiger)       (left eye of saber-toothed squirrel)
 (8)   (no title; close-up of sloth)                     (text: Sid)
 (9)   (no title; close-up of mammoth)                   (lower right of circle)

Fire Puzzle

(10)   (no title; close-up of Neanderthal child)         (text: Fir)
(11)   (no title; close-up of sabre-toothed squirrel)    (definition: Fire)
(12)   (no title; close-up of saber-toothed tiger)       (logo: Ice Age)
(13)   (no title; close-up of start [tapir-like])        (text: e)
(14)   (no title; close-up of rhino with horn showing)   (tail on fire)
(15)   (no title; close-up of rhino with big lips)       (text: Sid)
(16)   (no title; close-up of Neanderthal male)          (weasel mouth)
(17)   (no title; close-up of glyptodon [tortoise-like]) (clawed weasel arm)
(18)   (no title; close-up of Neanderthal female)        (text: flame)

 19    Checklist #1 (completed Fire puzzle)

Weird Science

 20    attributes of a saber
 21    anatomy of a sloth
 22    strength of a mammoth
 23    history of a neanderthal
 24    obsessive mammal
 25    beauty of a freaky mammal
 26    the weird herd
 27    charge of a rhino
 28    brains of a dodo
 29    diet of an aardvark
 30    shelter of a glyptadon
 31    life of a start

Ice Scenes

 32    Watch Where You Step
 33    Manny Saves Sid
 34    Sid Tags Along
 35    We Attack at Dawn
 36    A Mother's Act of Bravery
 37    Get That Baby, or Else!
 38    Special Delivery
 39    Return to Sender
 40    Diego: Double Agent
 41    Your Holding It Wrong
 42    Poop Checker
 43    Progress Report
 44    Hot Springs
 45    A Mammoth Swing
 46    Time-Out for Roshan
 47    Progress Report
 48    Cliff Hanger
 49    Baby Steps
 50    Change of Heart
 51    Moral Dilemma
 52    Skiing Sid
 53    Diego's Bravery

Character Bios

 54    Diego
 55    Sid
 56    Manny
 57    Roshan, aka Baby, Bonebag, Squirt, Junior, Wormie, Little Bi-Ped, Wompie...
 58    Saber-Toothed Squirrel
 59    Frank & Carl
 60    Dodos
 61    Tiger Pack
 62    Soto

 63    Checklist #2 (completed Ice puzzle)

Wise Crackz

 64    Manny & Roshan
 65    Diego & Sid
 66    Carl & Sid
 67    Sid & All
 68    Sid & Diego
 69    Manny & Sid
 70    Sid & Frank to Manny about Sid
 71    Dad Start & Manny
 72    Diego about Neanderthals & Manny to Diego


Ice Cardz (1:4 packs)

IC1    (Three riding on Manny)
IC2    (Saber-toothed tiger)
IC3    (Sliding Roshan)
IC4    (Sliding Manny)
IC5    (Sid & Roshan in chute)
IC6    (Traveling heroes)
IC7    (Peeking in)
IC8    (Sid carrying Roshan)
IC9    (Diego & Roshan)
IC10   (Manny & Roshan)
IC11   (Saber-tooths peering)
IC12   (Saber-toothed squirrel)


 P1    Ice Age Trading Cards Are Coming!
 --    (Dealer sell sheet)

©2003, 2005 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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