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I Love Lucy
Pacific - 1991

Notes:  Boxes for this set came with two color variations, with a pink border for the card
fronts and with a gray border for the card fronts.

For real Lucy collectible fanatics, we note that the pink-border cards include a distribution 
of cards that are a slightly lighter (but consistent) shade of pink. I had suspected that this 
was a later printing with a different batch of ink because the cards show up consistently 
as one copy of the higher-frequency cards, e.g., the card numbers that provided four copies 
in a box had one of them with the lighter pink (almost purple). Thus, those cards may have 
been used to fill out the packs after the primary collation was completed.

DJ (thanks!) reports finding boxes with a 50-cent preprice printed on the box lid, and that 
fact may also hint at a second print run. We haven't performed a pink-versus-purple 
analysis across the two types of boxes.

Box: 36 packs of 10 cards.
Common sets: approx. 3.27 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Title

  1   Lucy and Ricky
  2   The Ricardos and Mertzes
  3   Merry Christmas
  4   The Mertzes
  5   Junior and Senior
  6   Bosom Buddies
  7   Daydreamin'
  8   They Love Lucy
  9   Lucy [i[#@!*@!
 10   Kissin' Cousins
 11   They Call Her Sally Sweet
 12   Sour Notes
 13   Hillbilly Heaven
 14   Lucy Plays Cupid
 15   Hoedown!
 16   Filling the Bill
 17   Mrs. Mayor
 18   Mama's Little Man
 19   "I'm Your Vitameatavegamin Girl"
 20   Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow
 21   Queen of the Gypsies
 22   Foiled Again
 23   "Speed It Up!"
 24   Fred's Masterpiece
 25   Stirring Up Some Trouble
 26   Vacation from Marriage
 27   The Boys
 28   Lucy the Paperhanger
 29   Handy Dandy Lucy
 30   Mrs. Mannequin
 31   We're Having a Baby
 32   Baby Makes Three
 33   The Happy Couple
 34   Made to Order
 35   Squaw-King
 36   Dancing Fool
 37   Dance, Girl, Dance
 38   "Madame, Do You Drink?"
 39   The Dress Shop
 40   Seeing Double
 41   Truth or Consequences
 42   Fiddlin' Around
 43   Interior Undecorating
 44   Friends and Neighbors
 45   Lucy Calling!
 46   Best Dressed Friends
 47   23 Skidoo
 48   Charm School Dropouts
 49   Say Cheese
 50   Lip-Smackin' Lucy
 51   Mink's Paradise
 52   The Feuding Foursome
 53   Lucky Stiff
 54   "It's a Moo-Moo!"
 55   Lucy Tees Off
 56   Pistol Packin' Mertz
 57   All Tied Up
 58   Busting Lucy's Budget
 59   Partners in Crime
 60   Blonde Ambition
 61   California, Here We Come!
 62   Which Way to Hollywood?
 63   Little Ole Pea-Picker, Lucy
 64   Starstruck
 65   Cyrano de Lucy
 66   Making Headway in Hollywood
 67   Bronze Goddess
 68   Silent Partners
 69   "Hi, Ethel. It's Lucy."
 70   Rock and the Redhead
 71   A Routine Souvenir Hunt
 72   I Brake for Redheads
 73   Heads Up!
 74   In the Dog House
 75   Fairway Foursome
 76   Ricky Is a Big Stinker
 77   Honeybunch
 78   Fred Mertz
 79   Lucy the Landlubber
 80   "Is Your Cocker Off His Rocker?"
 81   Tally Ho!
 82   Dressed To Kill
 83   Two Heads Are Better than One
 84   Funny in France
 85   Charles Not in Charge
 86   Grape Juice, Anyone?
 87   "Youre' Not Even Trying."
 88   My Son, the Drumming Doctor
 89   Pizza To Go?
 90   "Is It Supposed To Do That?"
 91   Gone Fishin'
 92   Like Father, Like Son
 93   Guilty As Charged?
 94   Puppy Love
 95   Superlucy
 96   Gabby Gangsters
 97   A Rose By Any Other Name
 98   Never Can Say Goodbye
 99   Mother Hen
100   The Calypso Ricardos
101   Off-Key Ricardo
102   "Surprise!"
103   Ironing It Out
104   Uncementing a Friendship
105   Smile, Lucy.
106   Teaching Lucy a New Trick
107   Yankee Doodle Lucy
108   Fred and Ethel
109   Out on a Ledge
110   Ricky Says Yes

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