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Images of Josephine by Boris & Julie
Comic Images - 1997

Note:  Thanks much to Jim Goodwin for the clarification!

Box: 32 packs of 8 cards.
Common sets: approx. 3.53 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Text / Title                         Artist

  1   Josephine Maisonet first met Boris   Boris
  2   Josephine's special interests are    Boris
  3   Having trained as an actress and m   Boris
  4   "Working for Boris and Julie requi   Boris
  5   "Working with Boris is very differ   Boris
  6   "I was flattered and honored when    Boris
  7   Josephine spent four years in the    Boris
  8   The martial arts is one of Josephi   Boris
  9   Josephine has been studying Japane   Boris
 10   After participating in numerous bo   Boris
 11   Part of the satisfaction Josephine   Julie
 12   "There are some models from whom I   Julie
 13   "Josephine gives me ideas and insp   Julie
 14   "The course of a photo session oft   Julie
 15   "There are two ways we work a phot   Julie
 16   "When we shoot for a painting, nor   Julie
 17   "When a painting is going to be th   Julie
 18   "When a photograph, rather than a    Julie
 19   "I trust Josephine's ability as a    Julie
 20   "If I want to do something with a    Boris
 21   "If I try to push a shoot in a cer   Boris
 22   "I find that I often incorporate m   Boris
 23   "They (Boris and Julie) a lot of t   Boris
 24   "I really have such a respect for    Boris
 25   "We are always aware of boundaries   Boris
 26   "There is a lot of trust. There is   Boris
 27   "If a photographer asks a model to   Boris
 28   "If a photographer wants a model t   Boris
 29   "My comfort zone with Josephine is   Boris
 30   "Modeling for fantasy art is somet   Julie
 31   "Josephine, Boris and I all have t   Julie
 32   "Modeling is like working out. The   Julie
 33   Josephine does weight training eve   Julie
 34   "You must train to keep healthy an   Julie
 35   "I'm blessed with certain gifts Go   Julie
 36   "My first priority is to keep my h   Julie
 37   "I work out and do martial arts no   Julie
 38   "Most of the time, before we devel   Julie
 39   "The first thing I look for in a m   Julie
 40   "It takes a great photographer and   Boris
 41   "I've taken pictures of people - a   Boris
 42   "If a model is a good subject for    Boris
 43   "When I first worked with Josephin   Boris
 44   "Josephine helped me to feel comfo   Boris
 45   "Josephine taught me not to have t   Boris
 46   "In a normal photo shoot with Jose   Boris
 47   "In a roll of 12 pictures with Jos   Boris
 48   "In photography you're working wit   Boris
 49   "I want to emphasize the fact that   Julie
 50   "We may start out one way, but in    Julie
 51   "Something as simple as a change i   Julie
 52   "The longest photo session I ever    Julie
 53   "In many ways, when Julie shoots,    Julie
 54   "If I were to describe Julie as a    Julie
 55   "A lot of the grace in my modeling   Julie
 56   "It's great when Josephine and I w   Julie
 57   Julie Bell has studied ballet, tap   Julie
 58   "Josephine's body is the expressio   Julie
 59   "I find it common among people who   Julie
 60   Josephine loves to listen to and p   Julie
 61   Josephine's favorite Boris paintin   Julie
 62   "Lost World"                         Boris
 63   "Mutants"                            Boris
 64   "Amazon Queen"                       Boris
 65   "Queen of the Amazons"               Boris
 66   "Gemini, the Twins"                  Boris
 67   "Quetzalcoatl"                       Boris
 68   "At the Door"                        Boris
 69   "Ashteroth"                          Boris
 70   "Prophetic Bird"                     Julie
 71   "Cave of Darkness"                   Julie
 72   "Reflecting"                         Julie


Omnichrome Cards (1:18 packs)

  1   Josephine's special interests are    Boris
  2   Josephine has a degree in mathemat   Boris
  3   At one time, Josephine, who loves    Boris
  4   "I need my privacy, because I give   Julie
  5   Josephine is well versed in Spanis   Julie
  6   Josephine is constantly reading up   Julie

Autographed Cards

---   (Josephine and Boris)
---   (Josephine and Julie)
---   (Boris)
---   (Julie)

Card Album

---   (Binder)


---  (Unnumbered; Josephine in red tank top)
---  (Unnumbered; Josephine in lingerie)
---  (Julie Bell Autograph Card, unsigned; distributed as promo)

©1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2004 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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