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I'm Going To Be
   Schutter-Johnson Candy Corp. - 1930s

Notes: The 2-1/8" x 3-1/8" cards were found in candy packages, with color illustrations 
on fronts and descriptive text on backs. The hook was the redemption offer: "Abolutely 
free of charge, postage prepaid, we will give to everyone sending in a complete set of 
25 pictures, numbered from 1 to 25, his choice of a baseball mitt, a wrist watch or a 
pair of roller skates." This offer is less generous when you observe that card #4 was 
printed in extremely small quantity. A Limited Edition reprint set of 500 copies had 
a card #4 marked "Void."

American Card Catalog reference is R72 Scans are posted at the Vintage Non-Sports 
Cards gallery.

No.   Title

  1   Clown
  2   Wrestler
  3   Animal Trainer
  4   Strong Man [very rare]
  5   Swimmer
  6   Radio Announcer
  7   Pirate
  8   Auto Racer
  9   Jockey
 10   Athlete
 11   Movie Star
 12   Cowboy
 13   Fireman
 14   Policeman
 15   Gold Miner
 16   Aviator
 17   Magician
 18   Detective
 19   Baseball Player
 20   Locomotive Engineer
 21   Boxer
 22   Speed Cop
 23   Sailor
 24   Drum Major
 25   Hunter

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