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Implements of Torture Shock Cards
   Personality Comics - 1992

Notes: Cards were sold as a complete set, and feature color artwork on fronts 
and descriptive text on backs. Numbers are shown on the checklist card but are 
not printed on the cards.

No.   Title

 --   [title card / checklist]

  1   Burned at the Stake
  2   Nail Extraction
  3   Traction Alopecia
  4   Roasted on a Wheel
  5   Electric Chair
  6   Falanga
  7   Parrot's Perch
  8   Submarino
  9   Dragon's Chair
 10   Operating Table
 11   Telephono
 12   Exposure to Cold
 13   The Rat Cage
 14   Strappado
 15   Thumbscrews
 16   Water Torture
 17   Animal Torture
 18   Ungulae
 19   Leg Brace
 20   Little Pepper
 21   Chemical Torture
 22   Pharmacological Torture
 23   Shame Infliction
 24   Dental Torture
 25   Sleep Deprivation
 26   Evil House
 27   Thirst
 28   Lignum
 29   Ice Box
 30   Bicycle Spokes
 31   Draw and Quarter
 32   The Horse
 33   Iron Maiden
 34   The Rack
 35   Hot Table
 36   Burning at the Stake

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