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Indians, Cowboys, Western
   Anonymous - 1930s

Notes: These 2-1/2" x 2-7/8" cards were distributed on strips, with monochrome 
images on a color background and blank backs. The set title has been assigned by 
collectors, and is not shown on cards. There were at least four monochome colors 
and at least six color backgrounds, and cards are seen in multiple variant combina-
tions (perhaps every one possible). American Card Catalog reference is R75. 
Scans are posted at the Vintage Non-Sports Cards gallery.


   An Indian Trial
   Broncho Buster
   Buck Jones
   Buffalo Bill
   Chief American Horse - Oclala Tribe
   Chief Arrow - Ute Tribe
   Chief Bear Claw - Fox Tribe
   Chief Black Fox - Arikara Tribe
   Chief Black Hawk - Sauk and Fox Tribe
   Chief Coyote - Nandan Tribe
   Chief Fish Carrier - Cayuga Tribe
   Chief Great Bear - Delaware Tribe
   Chief Hollow Horn Bear - Brule Tribe
   Chief John Grass - Blackfoot Tribe
   Chief Joseph - Nez Perce Tribe
   Chief Little Shell - Chippewa Tribe
   Chief No Shirt - Wallawalla Tribe
   Chief Peta-La-Sha-Ra - Pawnee Tribe
   Chief Red Jacket - Seneca Tribe
   Chief Running Elk - Pawnee Tribe
   Chief Runs-The-Enemy - Odenonpa Tribe
   Chief Sage - Arapaho Tribe
   Chief Sentele - Tonkawa Tribe
   Chief Spotted Tail - Brule Tribe
   Chief Thunderbird - Sioux Tribe
   Chief Thunder Cloud - Ute Tribe
   Chief Watchful Fox - Sauk Tribe
   Chief Wolf - Ute Tribe
   Cowboy Outlaws
   Cowboy Round-Up
   George O'Brien
   Hoot Gibson
   Indian Adventure
   Indian Parade
   Indians Awaiting Signal
   Indians Declaring War
   Indian Sign of Peace
   Indians Ready for War
   Jesse James
   Jesse James Hold-Up
   Ken Maynard
   Montana Indians
   Pony Express
   Rough Rider
   Stage Coach Robbery
   Ted Wells
   Tom Mix
   Wallace McDonald

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